The Graveyard

Luther Simons of Clan Gangrel

Destroyed. December 2000.

Approximately in his late-thirties to mid-forties, Luther was supposedly discovered by the Pack and was made their collective ghoul sometime during the Summer of 1997. A questionably loyal ghoul at best, Luther was best known for his huge mouth and an active disrespect for those of an actively superior status whom he did not personally respect. His open arguements with various Elders are not quite legendary but are remarkable in that he is still alive after having them. In at least one case, he was actively beaten into the ground by an Elder to whom he mouthed off.

Luther was privately sired by an unknown Gangrel sometime during the Fall of 1998. All clues quickly point to Mort as being Luther's sire but as yet nothing has ever been confirmed. Now a neonate, having supposedly been released by his now absent sire, Luther has changed very little over the last few months. He is still arrogant, and shows an active disrespect for the typical trappings of status and age instead perfering to judge people on individual basis.

However, the climate of life has changed and although to say the Luuther has mellowed would be wrong, but he is not quite as actively disrespectful as he was when he was a ghoul. Although tehcnically reguarded as a neonate, Luther is still actively watched by Thorian, an Elder of Clan Gangrel (and presumably his Grandsire). Thorian has actively disciplined Luther and chasitised the young Kindred, invoking something that was actively lacking when Luther was a ghoul under the care of Ulmont, Bored and Mort.

Luther is an Occultist of considerable skill, and although he has not singularly dominated the Occult scene in Atlanta, it is clear that he is a mover and shaker in the Occult community. Luther has shown several unique skills and powers that are as yet unexplained, and are best left to his unknown skills with the Occult.

Luther is actively shown himself to much more powerful than his young age would merit. Such power is strange in one so young and leads to active rumors that perhaps Luther was not Embraced by the reasonably young Mort, but rather might have been Embraced by Thorian, a much older and more powerful Gangrel. A lot is open to speculation, and the aberation in Luther apparent powers might simply be a reflection on his considerable Occult abilities.

One of the most arrogant and verbally offensive characters in the city of Atlanta, Luther Simons was so consumed by his own greed and ego that he boasted to his Sire, Lau Z Sun, that he was considering diablerizing him. As can be expected, Lau Sun then gathered together his forces and destroyed his Childe for his greed, insolence and plans to commit diablerie and break the Sixth Tradition. Luther was slain like a dog in December of 2000 while his allies watched helplessly or fled in fear for their own lives. Several of Luther's allies were able to enact revenge on Lau Sun in January of 2001, but that is another story.


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