The Graveyard

Mandaca of Clan Tremere

disappeared. whereabouts unknown.

Mandaca was born in Granada, Spain, in 1802. Embraced in central Africa while on a survey assignment, he moved to the United States sometime just prior to the American Civil War.

A capable student of the Occult, Mandaca was formerly allowed to join House and Clan Tremere shortly after his arrival in Atlanta. Although sired a caitiff, Clan Tremere claimed his as one of their own, an interesting situation to say the least.

Given his cultural upbringing, the only way to truly insult him is to offend is deep sense of honor. While he is not actually arrogant, he is quite blunt at all times, and unless you could prove to him that you have some value to the Kindred and Camarilla, he would just as soon have killed you as look at you. In all respects, however, he tried to be polite.

Several mysteries surround his background, including his knowledge of several arcane languages, many of which are thought to be ritualistic. Another was his signature pin, which also served as his calling card.

Mandaca disappeared from the Atlanta Kindred Society in the Fall of 1998. His whereabouts are currently unkown.


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