The Graveyard

Mortimer Slade

Mortimer. A name that had Kindred looking over their shoulders and whispering silently. A name that had been recognized under Nosferatu history as a personal servant to many of their elders. A name that meant secrets.

Mortimer Slade first appeared to the Kindred masses in Atlanta shortly after 1996 had become 1997. He appeared as a handsome (though somewhat creepy) Southern gentleman with a black top-hat and an evil grin. As his story went, he supposedly was searching for his missing daughter, Roxanne.

Mortimer made himself at home in the political turmoil that was Atlanta's Camarilla. He learned names and made contacts at an alarming rate. Soon, he was hobnobbing with numerous Clans.

But, what was he up to? His funeral home in Athens was a creamatorium for MANY Kindred, some sources report. Others say he was involved in some political intrigue, himself. Even more say that he was recruiting Nosferatu from the Mafia, with which he had many important contacts.

But, when Sergei Romanoff (then Prince) discovered his plans to stage a coup within the Primogen, he gave Mortimer a choice Leave town or be destroyed.

Mortimer disappeared after that, leaving many questions unanswered. Did he leave as instructed? Was he diablerized? Is he STILL a threat to Atlanta?

Only one Kindred knows the answer to those questions... and he hasn't shown his face for many, MANY months now.

The Slade Funeral Home still stands in Athens, abandoned now. It is boarded up tightly and no one has been inside it since Mortimer left. But, wary Kindred dare not go inside to investigate...

Who knows? Maybe Mr. Slade is still there, biding his time, preparing his mind and body for a return to Atlanta... a return to Camarilla society...

A return to his secrets.


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