The Graveyard

Ozymandias Hasp of Clan Malkavian, former Prince of Atlanta

disappeared. presumed well.

Ozymandius Hasp entered the Atlanta scene in an explosive and bombastic manner on Halloween night, 1995. His fellow Kindred were quickly introduced to the Malkavian whose own brand of super-charged chaos often left even his clanmates in dazed confusion.

He was reknowned as a powerful Dominator and quixotic manipulator. Most denizens either avoided the pesky Hasp, dismissed him as harmless or plotted his most satisfying demise.

Against the odds or perhasp because of them, the engimatic and charming Hasp acquired the eldership of clan Malkavian after several months and brought the first lasting respect for the clan as a whole the city had seen.

When the city's Primogen rose up against the Archon-appointed Prince Augustus, Hasp and his trusted advisor, the Nosferatu Janus, orchestrated the rebellion which brought ended Augustus's reign. When the dust of the praxis seizure settled, Hasp was crowned Prince to many Kindred's surprise.

Though it was predicted to be an utter failure, Prince Hasp's rule was noted for a return to the Traditions, new respect for younger Kindred and Anarchs, and a remarkable degree of organization. Of course, a large degree of the formality and pomp of the office of Prince did suffer under his levitous rule.

Prince Hasp's reign came to an end when, in a dramatic opening address/performance he simply resigned from office to the surprise of all present, making him the first Prince of Atlanta not to be forced from office or deposed. After his final address Hasp strolled out of the Arts Exchange and into the mists of Atlanta history.

His whereabouts and status are still unknown.


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