The Graveyard

Joseph Pander

The Anarch Manifesto

It started five hundred years ago. When a single cry for freedom was heard by all those who suffered under the yoke of the Elder's tyranny. We united as one to rise up and over throw them. There was nothing that we could not accomplish. The Founders Lasombra and Tzimisce met final death in those nights. The "Great Power" of the Antediluvians fell beneath our fangs. Those were the nights when we were feared. When the Elders cowered in their ivory towers, praying to a god they had long ago forsaken, that we, their childer that they had abused for so long, would not come seeking retribution. They cursed us in tongues that no mortal ears had heard in a thousand years. Only our shortsightedness allowed them to put a halt to our actions.

But we never forgot.

Five hundred years later our cry was heard again. This time half way around the world. In a place that personifies our ideals, we rose up again. When it was over California no longer belonged to the Elders and their Camarilla, but to us, as it shall remain so until the final nights. Slowly our presence is being felt, our potence being feared, and our battle cry being heard. The Elders are cowering once again in their new towers made of glass and steel, knowing this time we had planned, this time we will not be stopped.

Now we have come to Atlanta.

We come to bring freedom and equality. Age should not allow one to rule. We will not bend our knee to any Elder, Prince, Archon, or Justicar, and neither should you. Your leader should be someone who does not impose upon your freedom, someone you choose to support, not someone who rules because of age or influence. Your leader should strive to serve you needs and not have you serving his.

The time has come for you my brothers! Time for you to stop serving the Elders. Time to throw off their shackles of oppression. Time to claim what is rightfully ours. No longer allowing them to infringe upon your personal freedoms.

The time has come indeed. Find us. Let your voice be heard. Let the Elders cower once more. Let them see that their power and time has come to and end.

Hear me now "Prince" Stephan. We have arrived and your days are numbered. Your tyranny will come to an end. We Kindred of the city of Atlanta, declare ourselves free from your oppression, and Atlanta will soon be as well.

Death to the tyrants, even dead ones.

It is with these brave, yet foolish words, that the man claiming to be Joseph Pander entered the city of Atlanta in August of 1997. Claiming to be Brujah, though many suspected him to be Caitiff, Mr. Pander was accompanied by a coterie of several different Kindred. He immediately set to work by challenging then Prince Stephan's rule of the city by openly demanding more rights for Neonates and especially Caitiff. Several Caitiff were known to have been part of Mr. Pander's coterie.

Not intimidated my Mr. Pander, Prince Stephan had him seized for questioning, and rumors persist that Mr. Pander was betrayed by one of his own, Karl Nitti. When asked about Mr. Pander's whereabouts Prince Stephan would only answer "He is being re-educated in the ways of free thought." It is widely believed that Mr. Pander was held at the well known Brujah HQ.

During the month many Kindred were amused by the ramblings of the "Society to Free Joseph Pander" who demanded Pander's release and promised retribution if their demands were not met. These would of course prove to be just more idle threats.

September would see Mr. Pander re-introduced to the city, apparently with a strong appreciation for the Camarilla, and a supporter of his one time enemy Prince Stephan. The common conclusion amongst the city was that no doubt he had be reprogrammed in some fashion. Shortly thereafter though, Mr. Pander was seen leaving the Elysium and has yet to have been heard from. Many of his former allies suspect that Mr. Pander my have met with an unfortunate "accident".


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