The Graveyard

Paul Reece, former Elder of Clan Malkavian

disappeared. status unknown.

The best way to describe Paul Reece was "blatantly immoral." Despite his bizarre preferences, his non-violent nature keeps him from being down-right evil. Paul, one-time Elder of Clan Malkavian, was definitely powerful, but his notoriety comes more from his immoral predilections. He was a noted pedophile, necrophile and bisexual, and was rumored to practice bestiality...

Not your average Kindred by any means. Whether this is due to his clan's inherent mental instability is not entirely known; he may have other mental fractures as well. His title "Earl of Encino" may very well result from one of those imbalances.

He often made it known how important his clan mates were to him. Every single one was under his p[ersonal protection in the highest degree, and Reece himself wa rumored to have some influence among the Tremere. All in all, his clan's superficial instability masks its strong foundation and political integrity. The excellent condition of the clan's hierarchy can be directly attributed to Paul's hard work in setting up the Malkavian front in Atlanta.

Insanity followed Mr. Reece; even describing him somehow makes your head hurt just a little. Mr. Reece disappeared sometime on or about New Years 1999 and has not been seen publically since then. Whether he is dead or merely off somewhere else is not publically known.


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