The Graveyard

Rios A.A. Strabane of Clan Tremere

disappeared. status unknown.

Rios was many things before his disappearance; a student, a scientist, an investigator, an arbitrator and evene a computer hacker. Sired by a family friend, Charles O'Henry, in the 1600's, Rois was originally eductaed in the strict Catholic Church scholls of Ireland. However, before his Emrbace he was banned a heretic for his radical curiousity and questioning of church doctrine.

O'Henry then took Rios on as a lab assistant and taught him all about the newly developing sciences and various aspects of the occult. Rios learned about the raw power of rituals when during a particularly complex exercise he and O'Henry were almost killed in a massive explosion. Rios was overcome by smoke and when he awoke he was in Vienna as a Tremere Vampire with no knowledge of what had transpired.

Rios was a loyal Tremere but had developed many enemies in the city of Atlanta before his departure. It is unknown whether Rios is dead or simply in hiding, and even privately members of Clan Tremere are unwilling to confirm anything about his current whereabouts.


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