The Graveyard

Robert Mormont of Clan Toreador

left the city.

Paris, the City of Light and Jewel in the Crown of the Toreador. Paris, City of Decadence and Cesspool of Suffering. All of this and more reveals itself in the Heart of France and is carried with those that leave the City for other parts of the world. Such a person is Robert Mormont.

Embraced in the early part of the Twentieth Century, Mormont made his name--or names considering the numerous pen names he has used--in the realm of dark fiction, following in the vein of such people as Edgar Allen Poe, Charles Baudelaurie, and H.P. Lovecraft, and providing a vein to be tapped into by such people as Anne Rice and Poppy Z. Brite. The years progresed, and he observed all aspects of Paris and the Continent along with the occasional jaunt across the Channel to Britain. Information, gossip, and experience all blended to yield new Muse-like influence to his writing and allow him to bring forth new works, changing aliases every few years to keep people from getting the idea that he was not aging like his contemporaries.

Now word of the regrouping of the Toreador in Atlanta has drawn him from his wanderings here and there to join the ranks here and see what experiences will spark his muse in this city. Of course, there are a few rumors here and there that his biting satire and irrevent wit in regards to figures of authority caused him to flee his last abode just before the boot. But then people will say anything about those in higher standing than themselves in order to make themselves seem better. So everything should, of course, be taken with a grain of salt.

Mormont was a shinning star in the dismal social world of Atlanta. Trying to rebuild the social ideals of the Harpies, Mormont worked himself into the position of Minister of Information under Prince Sergei and slowly worked to return to Atlanta several of the social rankings which the city seems to loose every so often. An admirable public speaker and a strong social presence he always drew attention to himself and was well respected on many levels.

The social scene in Atlanta has publically become dimmer since his departure, and many of the remaining would be Harpies have privately spoken of missing him. Many beleive that Mormont left either out of boredom (as some Toreador are tend to do) or out of disgust.


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