The Graveyard

Rutherford Greene of Clan Ventrue


Rutherford was a rapidly climbing star in Clan Ventrue, despite numerous enemies. Hailing originally from Chicago, and having apparently spent a good deal of time in London, he had risen above the normal petty mentality of his wise-guy bootlegger roots. He was quickly seizing huge chunks of control of the narcotics trade in the city and helped cut deals to grant domain over large portions of the city to the Ventrue.

He was also known to take many neonates under his wing, providing protection and organization. He used his Kindred influence to try to enact larger scale change by encouraging a more egalitarian society in which Kindred could conduct business unhindered by the standard of Elders holding all rights and powers in the city.

During his last night in Atlanta, he was named Primogen of the Ventrue Senate.

Little known to the city at large, Rutherford was also a member of the coterie dubiously known as "The Family." This came as a further surprise, since this coterie included several prominent Brujah and also Erik Lassitter, Rutherford's elder.

Rutherford was slain in another even more surprising circumstance, in a massive assault by the coterie known as "The Pack." Betrayed by Prince Stephan and the, then Nosferatu elder, Sergei, Rutherford was beheaded by Mort after being beaten unconscious.


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