The Graveyard


Status. Left the city to seek her Sire.
Date. February 2000

"You want to know my life story?? I'm flattered, darling, but how much time do you have?

My sire, Hesiod (may he walk unharmed for all eternity) found me, young, a fledgling priestess of Ishtar, wandering around the great library in Ninevah one fateful evening. Ninevah was the capital of the mighty Assyrian empire (and it was mighty in those days...). He was impressed with my linguistic aptitude. Not many people could translate those ancient texts, whereas I had been raised among them.

He enlisted my aid, and it was not long before he recognized my worth as much more than a translator. I was ghouled for several decades, then installed as Pythia of the temple at Delphi for an interminably long time. I was overjoyed when my beloved Regnant came to fetch me... you have no idea how boring it is to inhale burning bay leaves day in, day out, and deliver prophecy in a dramatic monotone to impress the crowds.

Anyway, I served my Sire faithfully and well for a thousand years, and was finally rewarded with Embrace into the Toreador clan. O, those were the days... wandering from place to place, and everywhere we deigned to light for a decade or three we scattered the seeds of Renaissance.

I could tell you stories all night long; after all, I have lived for 3000 years past my mortal span. I have tasted pleasures of which you dare only dream. I have been worshipped as a god. What fascination can this modern city of Atlanta hold for one such as I?

Well, I've never been here before. Enough said.

Samuramat surprised the Kindred of Atlanta by announcing in February that she would depart the domain in search of her Sire. A few have whispered that Samuramat may have met with foul play before her departure; but so far those whispers have proved to be the factless, groundless and paranoid ditherings of idiots and miscreants.


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