The Graveyard

Sasha Tszurkaysen "The Watcher" of Clan Brujah

died. Winter 1997.

"I am Sasha, but please, call me Romi. I have little use for people that I do not consider friends, therefore, you all shall be my friends. I am Brujah. But evidently I do not fit the mold of a regular Brujah. As my sire did not either. I am the childe of Brother Aaron, the Brujah who was most recently deceased at the last meeting of the Kindred. My embrace? It was traumatic and frightening. Like 2 days of a inferno and evil. I will not even speak of it, because of Aaron's sick mind I am not anything of what I used to be. I do not speak of being Kindred over being mortal, I speak of the atrocities that he did do during this embrace. And when it was done, and I was released, he left me alone. And I felt as though I was dying, and he laughed and told me to seek out Stephan Jefferson. That I was a new present to him.

"I did. Stephan is my Dratchze' (Grandfather) and the kindest one to me since I arrived from Russia. Oh, but I should speak of this next. I came from Moscow, I am the daughter of Sveda and Karache Tzsurkaysen. I am of Gypsy blood and Slavic decent. In Russia I was trained to be a marksman. But it is not in my nature to hurt others, unless I have to, so I denied being put in the resource of the government and left for America. That was 6 months ago. I began working for the Russian Consulate here in Atlanta and then my temporary Visa ran out. I was heading home the day that Aaron found and accosted me. I was only 15 minutes from leaving for the airport. I sought out Stephan, he taught me of the ways of the Camarilla. I follow them as I will follow him. Family has always been very important to me, I have had one for all of my life that now thinks me dead. But now things have changed, and I am finding that I have new family. I will help them all as much as I can.

"I have business to attend to now. I am attempting to help others set up enterprises and begin lives in this death that we have all received. I also watch the city for disturbances, if there is any need of my assistance, please feel free to call."

In light of the departure/removal of her grandsire, Stephan Jefferson, as Prince in October 1997, Sasha announced that she would be departing Atlanta for "another, less violent city".

Later a Kindred going by the name The Watcher was slain by the Brujah Sheriff Erik Scheider. The Watcher proved to be an alias for Sasha and apparently she chose to stay in Atlanta rather than leave. When publically it was learened that she was slain, very few people cried.


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