The Graveyard

Seanna Carlisle, former Elder of Clan Ventrue

died. Fall 1998.

Seanna Gwynnedd Muir ap Connor Carlisle, Baroness of Pembroke was born in 1459, the beloved only child of Duke Sir Connor Carlisle ap Gwyddur. As their sole heir, her adoring parents taught her every aspect of leadership and how to manage the estates - to prepare her take over the Duchy. At the age of fourteen she was sent to court to learn the courtly graces, experience culture and refinement, and most importantly to find a husband. During this time the Duchy was overrun and her parents were lost - she became a ward of the crown.

Several years passed, the King decided to resettle the area and appoint a new Baron and Baroness so she was married to a wealthy merchant, Galen McKendrick. This match proved well suited to the needs of the Barony. He had money and connections to obtain the goods we needed. She had the training, leadership background, diplomacy, eloquence and noble blood required to rule effectively.

Things proceeded very well for the next three years. Wonderful Spring and Fall celebrations were held, at which alliances were formed and treaties were signed. All was well throughout the land and the people prospered. Then, in the Spring of the third year of her reign as Baroness, a great evil fell over the land. People began disappearing mysteriously. Omens of great evil abounded; a hairy star was seen over the land for many nights, the moon in its fullness became completely dark. Her husband went off to face the evil and left her at the keep. Late one night, in the Spring of 1497, she wandered into the library to enjoy a moment of quiet, and this is when she was Embraced.

For the next few years she traveled the continent with her sire Augustus; exploring new cultures and meeting others of our kind. This was a marvelous time, in which she explored her abilities and amassed power and money to secure her safety for all time. Over the next few centuries she had many adventures, which included several traumatic experiences, in addition to witnessing the death of her Sire at the hands of the inquisition. She succumbed to torpor and spent centuries in sleep; waking on occasion to amass wealth and secure a new location and servants.

In 1859, she journeyed to the "New World" and established a home in antebellum Alabama, where she took a lost Childe under her care. Unfortunately the Kine's Civil War disrupted her new idyllic life. When her residence was besieged, she and Dixie retreated into the subterranean catacombs and vaults under her home along with her wealth and art which Seanna had brought from the old world. They spent over a century sealed within these hidden chambers.

When next she awoke it was 1986 and she emerged into an entirely different world. Machinery had taken the place of horses and in many cases even people.

However, It seems that no matter how much time passes kine stay the same. Nations rise and fall on the whims of the bureaucrats and the strength one wields financially

Seanna has learned and fine tuned a great many exciting things in the past few years. Being raised among wealth and nobility she acquired a great deal of knowledge regarding how to influence people. In the modern world she has become very adept at managing financial and business affairs, and has been able to use her knowledge and skills in making money and dealing with those who pull the strings very well. She is licensed to trade stocks, bonds, and mutual funds, as well as all types of insurance products. In addition she is fully versed in limited partnerships, international investment opportunities, and tax shelters.

For the past ten years Seanna Carlisle has been living with Dixie Crystal in the court of the Princess of Huntsville; however, they recently moved to Atlanta, having become disillusioned with the number of Garou and Sabbat which seem to be running rampant and taking over the city of Huntsville. She is looking forward to becoming a valuable and respected member of the Ventrue Senate and the Camarilla of Atlanta.

Seanna quickly rose through the ranks of Camarilla support after her arrival in Atlanta. Eventually solidly defining herself as Ventrue Elder. After months of solid rule it was learned that an imposter has physically taken Seanna's place sometime before or during the Spring of 1998. Seanna herself was presumably killed at this time. What makes this story even more interesting is that the imposter Seanna was unaware that she was not the original Seanna. So deep was the programming and forethought that created this clone, that when released into the land she immediately moved to become the real Seanna Carlisle.

In the late fall of 1998, the imposter Seanna learned her true place after she fought and kiled the Caitiff Ellana Daniels. Told by Prince Sergei, the imposter took flight and has not been seen in Atlanta since.


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