The Graveyard

Archon Sebastian Young of Clan Brujah, former Prince of Atlanta

Sebastian was born in 1821 in a small fishing village on the Norwegian coast. At the age of 11 the village was attacked by marauding bandits and almost everyone slain including Sebastian's parents. A few children and some of the Elderly made it to safety. Shortly after the raid a mercenary group that was hired by one of the local nobles showed up to end the bandit threat. Sebastian joined them as a camp follower but was soon adopted by one of the officers.

As he grew up Sebastian was taught to read, write and the arts of war. By the time Sebastian was 27 he had his own small mercenary company and had campaigned in Russia, eastern Baltic's and central Europe. It was in Paris that he met a Damien Rostov, a very refined gentleman who had studied fencing and war all his life. Though Damien only appeared to be in his early thirties he often spoke as a wizened old man who had seen 10 times as many years as he proclaimed. One night while Sebastian and Damien played chess Damien asked the question "Wouldn't it be great to live forever?" Sebastian flippantly responded 'yes' and suddenly Damien had him, sinking fangs into his neck.

After quite a few years being trained by Damien. Sebastian moved to the America's. Damien had become an Archon with the Camarilla and had trained Sebastian to build a strike team to attack the Sabbat in their own territory. Sebastian used Chicago as a base and in the 1920's he embraced Natasha Munroe, Maxmillion Vandross, Gunter, and Alfonse Cidarni. For ten years he trained these to be part of his force. From 1932 to 1992 Sebastian and his strike force had killed over 200 Sabbat and ruined numerous moves by the Sabbat to make strikes against the Camarilla.

In 1992, Sebastian was released from service by his Sire and allowed to come to Atlanta to settle. When Sebastian arrived he was a dutiful supporter of the Traditions and ways of the Camarilla. His view on the workings of the Camarilla and its supporters was simple. These are the rules and if you break them you die, so don't get caught. This seemed to be thrown to the wind in Atlanta and gunfights in the streets, assassinations via bombs and super-strong people tossing cars was a regular occurrence. Sebastian quickly became an enforcer for those who wished order. Sebastian and his brood carried out their orders from superiors with ruthless efficiency claiming many kills but never leaving evidence of such.

Soon the Camarilla began to take notice of Atlanta and Ashton Kincaid was forced to leave in shame. At that time a powerful alliance had surfaced. The then Brujah Elder Jack Wild made a bid for Prince and with the help of his blood bound coterie consisting of Wallace Earl Brujah second, Jarvis the Nos Elder, Xavier Montinesque the Malk Elder, Icepick the Brujah computer and security whiz.

For two months Jack tried to bring the city into line with his fair and democratic ways. To no avail; his downfall was age. It was soon learned that Jack Wild was still as yet a Childe, he was less than fifty years old. Sebastian being a very traditional Kindred could not support Jack and went as far as to claim Brujah Eldership and telling Jack that he was no Prince to the Brujah. Tensions brought about through this antagonism from Sebastian and an internal matter within his coterie Jack Wild fled the city. Wallace Earl, Icepick and Xavier Montinesque soon followed in the coming months.

Now that Jack was gone a Ventrue stepped forward offering peace and prosperity. Striking deals with many of the powerful Kindred in the city, he became Prince by vote of the Primogen. His name was Robert Grimshaw and he had seemed an honorable and forthright person in the beginning, but then don't they all at first. Within a months time Grimshaw proved to be a double dealing scoundrel by cutting a pact with the Tremere who Sebastian and the Brujah hated. When word of this pact reached Sebastian he immediately started to gain support to oust Grimshaw. Soon Sebastian had the physical force necessary to remove Grimshaw and half the Primogen. Promises of clashed to come at midnight had the Grimshaw camp scurrying to prepare defenses while Sebastian made his final political move. He would become Prince and with a firm hand bring peace to the City of Atlanta, even if it meant killing almost everyone. Grimshaw was quickly removed and thus began the First Reign of Sebastian Young as Prince.

Sebastian took no rest and began to secure his position right away. A tough stance of intolerance when it came to breaking the traditions and many bloodhunts proveed he meant business. Shortly after assuming the Princedom his Seneschal disappeared, never to be seen again. Some say the Seneschal disobeyed Sebastian and he was slain for that. Others say it was the Harpy Courtland, clearing the way for him to take Seneschal. Sebastian moved with swift and devastating efficiency against neonate, ancilla and elder alike. The Bloodhunt on Lady Augusta, a very well liked figure, sparked some to rebel against Sebastian and take up an Anarch cause. The war began and many of the anarchs were slain. Just as Sebastian was planning the downfall of the Anarchs, the Camarilla interceded and sent three Archons to take over and bring the city under control. The two factions were told in no uncertain terms that the traditions would be observed. This ended the First reign of Sebastian Young.

The Archons stayed for three months cleaning up some Sabbat packs and punishing those that would not follow the Traditions. Sebastian's own progeny Gunter, was put down by Sebastian because of how violent and unstable Gunter had become. The Archons left as abruptly as they had appeared telling Atlanta that if they ever had to return it would be Hell on Earth. They also said it was up to Atlanta to determine their leadership. At this point Sebastian stepped forward and took the Princedom again. Heeding the Archons words he began a hard-line policy of zero tolerance. As it was in times of old, there was but one punishment for breaking the Traditions: DEATH - swift and final.

During Sebastian's second reign he eliminated most of his opposition by cutting secret deals and creating the first true Primogen. An organization of the most powerful Kindred in Atlanta including Arik of Clan Gangrel, Scavus of Clan Ventrue and Nathaniel of Clan Toreador. Between them they controlled 75% of the coteries of the city and could promise stability.

In a serious of events that still puzzle scholars and common folk alike, Sebastian declared Atlanta an Anarach City and demanded that representatives from the Justicars come meet with him. The Camarilla was in a transitional period, and movements among the highest ranks had trickled down and were negatively affected Atlanta. Sebastian unwilling to have his reign negative affected by morons in Europe, split ties with the Camarilla in a maneuver to isolate himself and Atlanta from the problems being experienced within the Camarilla.

Shortly thereafter, Sebastian disappeared from Atlanta. The exact situations of this disappearance being a total mystery to all, including his childer. Rumors that Sebastian was drawn up to become an Archon were not confirmed. Rumors that he might have been slain by Camarilla Elders as an example to other cities quickly filtered back down. All that was know was that Sebatian was gone and that the Camariall Archons had returned and appointed a Toreador Prince. Thus, began the reign of Prince Augustus.

Almost a year later, Sebatian returned to Atlanta. Now a confirmed Archon under the Brujah Justicar, Sebastian's return answered many of the questions that his disappearance had left. His return was short and marked by a sudden invasion of Sabbat infiltrators and several War Parties. Sebastian quickly reinforced several local archons and gathered together neonates and Ancilla in an attempt to limit Sabbat expansion in the area. His actions clearly were a key in Atlanta remaining Camarilla territory. After a few short months, Sebastian and assembled Archon forces moved to Texas to move against Sababt incursions there.


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