The Graveyard

Sinclair of Clan Malkavian, Seneschal to Prince Augustus Caesar

Originally from New Orleans, she had spent most of her un-life in New York -- lured there by the stock exchange and rumors of the greatest S&M scene the world over. Her accomplishments on Wall Street were out shadowed only by her renown as a dominatrix for bringing the art of domination to new heights. This, of course, attracted the attention of her darling Ambrose Finch and thus began a beautiful friendship. Sinclair came to Atlanta at the request of Mr. Finch and served as his Assistant Director in the Mindbender Division of Vortex International.

She then took over as President/CEO of Vortex after Dr. Parnactor's mysterious disappearance. Under her direction, this corporation was heading into a new era of prosperity. This prosperity became such that Vortex became the only non-clan affiliated coterie in Atlanta's long history to be granted a Primogen seat.

When promoted to Seneschal by Prince Augustus, Sinclair renounced her Primogen seat and in an announcement that took most Kindred by surprise, she dissolved the original Vortex. Many are still curious as to her motives behind such a move since she was killed shortly therafterin the coup organized by the Primogen to overthrow Prince Augustus and his administration.


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