The Graveyard

Ulmont, former Elder of Clan Gangrel

left the city. rumored to reside in North Carolina.

Yeah, me and the boys came into the city, and stayed it's fun; more shit happens in this town than anywhere else I've ever been, and that includes LA. I mean, where else can you get in a fight with 4 fucking Archons?

Ulmont came into Atlanta in August of 1994, in concert with a group of Gangrel (and, oddly enough, one Brujah) collectively known as "The Pack." The nominal leader apon their first arrival, Ulmont quickly proved to be the bloodiest and most violent of the group, supposedly killing several Kindred before his eventual departure.

A quick riser, Ulmont was barely an Ancilla when he first arrived, Ulmont was promoted into leadership of Clan Gangrel after several Elders either left or disappeared. Eventually replaced by Arik's return to Atlanta, Ulmont returned to his position as clan lieutenant.

During the accension of Wallace Earle to the throne of Atlanta, Ulmont was borught up on charges for supposedly killing a fellow Gangrel, Lucy Bono. Convicted in absentia, Ulmont was Bloodhunted by Wallace Earle.

After Sergei's rise to the throne, Ulmont's Bloodhunt was actively removed. Ulmont, however, has not returned to Atlanta, although rumors that he might be in areas around North Carolina still persist.


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