The Graveyard

Vittorio Enzo Giovanni

Murdered. March 2000.

They say when one arrives, one must make an impression, and Vittorio E. Giovanni certainly did so, unfortunately it was a bad one. Delivered as a gift from Don Salvatore in early October of 1999, Vittorio had the audacity to contact some of the more powerful Kindred citizens of Atlanta, including the Primogen. He would quickly disappear shortly thereafter, and when asked about his status, Bron would only reply "He is currently being reeducated in the proper etiquette of Kindred society" and quickly close the matter.

Vittorio would reappear two weeks later at the Camarilla's monthly Elysium, seen by his Master's side with a much more appropriate demeanor, and took up his duties as Maitre D' of the Anubis Club. A job which received the same fanatical devotion he showed for his Master, often working hard to make evenings pleasant for the patrons of the Anubis Club. In time some would whisper that Vittorio was the backbone of the club's operations, and as the months progressed Vittorio would prove to be a valuable servant for Bron. Performing all tasks set before him without hesitation, and he could often be seen by his Master's side defending the Anubis Club from all hostile threats.

As is often the case, the black hand of fate would catch up with Vittorio during the March Elysium, as he was searching for his Master, Vittorio was attacked by a masked figure dressed in all black. For a short time luck would seem to smile upon Vittorio, as members of the Camarilla arrived and forced the assailant to flee, eventually tracking him down and killing him. Bron would later question the soul of the individual responsible, and for his loyalty, Vittorio would be rewarded with his assailants soul to torture as he saw fit. Vittorio would proudly display it for the remainder of the evening.

This may have proven to be an unwise decision, shortly after the Anubis Club closed it's doors, Vittorio was walking the halls of the Elysium unattended, and again was assaulted by a masked figure dressed completely in black. Possibly motivated by revenge for his bottled comrade, this assailant did not back down when the Camarilla, and even a Sabbat Lasombra, rallied to Vittorio's aid. Instead he choose to stand his ground and deliver the killing strike, though this decision would cost him his life...and soul.


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