The Graveyard

Wallace Earle of Clan Brujah, former Prince of Atlanta

died. December 1997

Powerful, efficient, manipulative and intelligent; all words that have been used to describe the Brujah Wallace Earle, but then so have; insightful, visionary and cunning.

Earle appeared on the Atlanta scene as a solid presence in a clan notorious for its chaos and lack of purpose. Earle set about organizing like-minded individuals and forging a powerful and diverse coterie. Then just as suddenly Earle departed Atlanta.

It was not until several years later that he returned along with long time associate the Brujah Jack Wild. They immediately set about forming a powerful new coterie that would become know as The Family.

A great deal of Wallace's archetecture was destroyed when the Family was decimated when Prince Stephan Jefferson launched a series of Blood Hunts against its members for treason and Sabbat blood rites. While some were quick to accept this explanation for the Family's success and unnatural closeness, others suggest that a deep rift of jealousy had formed between Stephan and his fellow Brujah, Wallace Earle.

Wallace avoided several attempts to capture and kill him on that fateful night of October 1997.

Wallace surprised many by turning the tables on his misfortune to seize the throne of Atlanta in November 1997 from his former ally, now enemy Stephan Jefferson. Along with Erik Lassiter, Earle instituted a whirlwind of radical political and social changes in the Atlanta. All these came to naught, however, as Earle was brutally slain by Sergei a month later in his Praxis seizure.


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