The Graveyard

Wilhelm Guenthauser of Clan Gangrel

left the city. December 1997

Wilhelm arrived in the Atlanta in June of 1997. Affectionately called "Goatboy" by Mort during the last few months of his stay in Atlanta, Wilhelm was an outspoken critic of the Pack and its overtly violent methods.

During a time when the Pack dominated Gangrel politics he was unappoligetic about his stance that the Pack was a problem and a danger to the city. Although not an ally, Lucy Bono, another outspoken Pack critic, was reputedly killed by the Pack during this same time. Fear and threats would not silence Wilhelm and his open arguemtns with Mort made many in the city notice.

Wilhemlm was a rather interesting Gangrel. A socialite by nature, he spent a great of time indoors, something quite atypical for a Gangrel of his age and abilities. A known master perveyor of Protean, the combination of social refinement and lycanthropic skills were a strange duality.

Wilhelm eventually left Atlanta after Prince Sergei assumed the throne of Atlanta and it became clear that the current administration was pro-Pack.


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