The Graveyard

Zack of Clan Gangrel

died. February 1998

A loose cannon among loose cannons, Zack has been a point of adversity since his arrival in Atlanta in 1994. Very little is known of Zack's past, except that he is a mercenary who wanders constantly throughout the Americas and Western Europe. Though he calls Atlanta his home, he is often away trying to feed his wanderlust.

During his longest run in the city to date, he took over the Security department of Vortex Enterprises. This put him at odds with his then-Elder Ruskalya, and the coterie known as the Pack. Broken by the forced choice between his commitment to Vortex and his devotion to his Clanmates, Zack picked up and began to wander again. Two years after leaving Atlanta, Zack returned to find Vortex disbanded, all of his allies except Lucy Bono slain, and the Princeship in the hands of Stephan Jefferson.

Angered and determined to become involved in the politics of Atlanta again after Lucy's death Zack swore that he would remain in the city until Lucy's killers were brought to justice. It was rumored that he was trying to resurrect Vortex Security and finish what he set out to do when he first arrived in Atlanta: form a Corporation that would be able to restore the order and make Atlanta safe for all Kindred.

Dedicated to creating a corporation that could ensure the safety of all Kindred, Zack created Pinnacle Enterprises. In his quest to get revenge on the Pack for their murder of Lucy, however, he began associating with darker powers. He was destroyed in February of 1998 after being accused of being Sabbat.


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