Hall of Princes

Alexander Pendragon

Clan: Ventrue
Reign: May 2003 - June 200
Status: Lost the throne to David Kendrick in a bloodless Praxis.
Whereabouts: Left the city afterwards, has recently returned and is Primogen/Regent of Clan Tremere

May 2003 saw Alexander Pendragon, with the support of the Gravino family, Melissa May, and Francisco De Moya, claim Praxis from Taylor LaGrange in the first bloodless power change in quite awhile. The new Prince would be tested immediately as later that night the city was attacked by the Sabbat, which was preceded by the now infamous worldwide blackout that destroyed the use of all mobile communications devices. Not content to make merely that bit of history, Prince Pendragon granted clan status to Broken Fang. Uno Wolf was recognized as the Elder, with Kumo recognized as Primogen.

One month later the Primogen, perhaps angered by both the communications blackout and the watering down of their own power by the recognition of Broken Fang, agreed that Prince Pendragon needed to be replaced. The decision was near unanimous, with only two votes not falling in line with the others. Rosalind McDermott, Primogen of Clan Ventrue, abstained from the voting; Minos, Primogen of Clan Nosferatu, was the only one to vote in favor of the current Prince. However, without support of the majority of the Primogen, Pendragon was forced to relinquish the throne and the position would soon be filled by David Kendrick, the Caitiff who would soon earn the title "Red Prince of Atlanta".


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