Hall of Princes

Arliss Khavkin

Clan: Tremere
Reign: Oct 99
Status: Unknown. Last seen being abducted by Sabbat Lasombra.
Whereabouts: Unknown

Arliss Khavkin was once the brutal and militaristic Regent of the Tremere in Atlanta. Rumored to have been an agent of the KGB in his mortal life, Arliss is known for slaughtering his own Tremere if they stepped out of line. He ruled his House and Clan with an iron fist.

Recently taking the position of Seneschal of Atlanta under the reign of Prince Thorian Vryce, he immediately claimed Domain over the city when Thorian mysteriously disappeared.

Khavkin's reign proved brief as Thorian's words from beyond the grave came to back to reveal damning secrets about Khavkin's deals with the Sabbat, his abuse of the Traditions and his cold blooded murder of several well known Kindred in Atlanta. Khavkin was seen at the November Gathering, but he was a broken Cainite, having been reconditioned before the Tremere Council of Seven in Vienna.


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