Hall of Princes

Augustus Caesar

Clan: Toreador
Reign: Mar 96 - Sep 96
Status: Lost the Throne in a Praxis Seizure
Whereabouts: unknown, presumed deceased
Augustus Caesar

Appointed Prince of the Domain of Atlanta by the Archons, after the disappearance of Sebastian Young, Augustus was an idealist that hoped to bring stability and peace to the Domain of Atlanta. Augustus was very much an enigma. He was often seen to wield crackling bolts of energy from his fists, among other strange powers. These oddities were believed to be tied to a group of strange and mystical Tarot cards that Augustus hoarded with maniacal intensity. His sanity was called into question towards the end of his reign, and some even hinted that he might actually be a doppleganger of some sort.

Although considered by many to be a politically powerless puppet held in place only by the will of the Archons, Augustus had a small and devoted core of supporters that wished to see a lasting change in the power structure of Atlanta. Unfortunately, Augustus's support broke like a ship against a reef when the storm of opposition came crashing against it in September of 1996. The praxis seizure was well organized and strong and the coup was short and bloody as nearly all of Augustus's loyal administration were cut down like chaff.

Augustus himself was never found during the coup although his allies and enemies alike searched for some sign of him for months afterwords. It is believed that Augustus is deceased.


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