Hall of Princes

Bill Jones

Clan: Ventrue
Reign: March 2008 - June 2008
Status: Left to fight in New York
Whereabouts: New York City


My name is Bill Jones and I was Prince of Atlanta from March to June of 2008 before being called up by Archon Kendrick among others to serve as Warlord for New York City. My time as Prince was brief, and with the exception of one titanic masquerade breach, quiet. Our city had brief run ins with the Apprecntice, and the Tattooed Man.

I came to power thru a peaceful praxis seizure during which none of the Primogen opposed me. We had a brief conflict between the Gangrel and the Giovanni that was brokered effectively. I truly believe if I hadnít been called up I would still be serving as Prince of what is eloquently nicknamed "the Armpit of Atlanta".

But enough about my time as Prince. I was embraced in 2001, served as a deputy then Sherriff for the Red Prince David Kendrick. I was Primogen of Clan Ventrue on and off for about two years. To be blunt, Iíve seen stuff to make the most apathetic kindred blanche. I am Ventrue, I survive and thrive even as time pulls my foes down.

This is my second stint in New York, first as a deputy to Kendrick, now as Warlord. The city is a bloodbath with skirmishes between Sabbat and Camarilla war parties a nightly occurrence. I only hope I can hold the line.. I fear the Sabbat are up to something.

Well itís been great meeting you. If you find yourself in Atlanta be sure to walk itís streets, listen to itís music, and enjoy itís rich night life. Oh, and if youíre Sabbat, you better hope I never run into you there.


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