Hall of Princes

Genevieve Fontage

Clan: Ventrue
Reign: Nov 99 - early 2002
Status: Deceased
Whereabouts: Atlanta

November of 1999 found a rare occurrence in Atlanta's history: a bloodless coup. After the disappearance of Tremere Arliss Khavkin, the first to claim Atlanta's throne with Thorian's apparent demise, Ventrue elder Genevive Fontage appeared in front of the assembled body of Atlanta Kindred, claiming Domain over the city. With bold proclamation, Toreador Wynn Douglas made the announcements and confirmed the new Prince's oaths to uphold peace and Camarilla tradition.

As the proclamation was completed, Lord Fitzroy, the often absent and enormously eccentric Toreador defied Fontage's claim to the Domain, citing interclan struggle amongst the Ventrue. Heated words were exchanged and votes were called. Jonathan Crow, long regarded as both having the ear of Genevive Fontage and the true power behind the Malkavians, made claim that any votes against Fontage were votes for one's own demise.

The vote of the Elders of the city confirmed Fontage's claim on the throne and relative peace seemed to settle over the city, as if her promises were made true merely by her taking the title of Prince.

The power shift was considered surprising by many, as few even whispered that Genevive Fontage would make such a manoeuvre, and fewer still thought such a change would take place unopposed by her significant, outspoken and powerful detractors. Many in Atlanta anticipated a bloody civil war, but for a time at least, it would seem that cooler heads prevailed and have placed the Clan of Kings back under the yoke of leadership.

Easily one of the most popular Princes in Atlanta History, Fontage reigned with a quiet mix of subtle social preasure and strong back room force. Her exterior demeanor was well crafted and almost universally loved, but she held the reigns to one of the most lethal and bloody Kindred ever to haunt the halls of Atlanta, David Kendrick. It was her association and allowance of Kendrick's bloody tactics in her interest that eventually led others to quietly plot against her.

Although several names have been given to the Consipracy of Three Elders which assasinated Fontage, the one which stuck the strongest was probably, "The Idiot Three" (a term dubbed originally by Fontage's royal replacement, Kaleb).

The Three using guile and trickery crept into the ill-guarded Haven of Genevieve Fontage and kidnapped her real body while her spirit inhabited a host body deep within Elysium. In the night, the Three slipped away her real body while she held court and attended a Giovanni auction.

What happened next is upto much debate, and has never been confirmed by any knowing source, but the Giovanni Auction was interrupted by the sudden collapse of Fontage's host body. Many immediately suspected the Idiot Three of having something to do with this, and instantly plans to rescue Fontage were made. A slow political war had already begun between the Three and Fontage, and those in the know already suspected that Kendrick had been given the go ahead for a private bloodhunt on them.

Alas, no rescue ever came, and Kaleb, her Seneschal at the time was quickly promoted to the throne by Kendrick show of force. Kaleb called official blood hunts on the Three before the night was out; presumably for the assassination of Fontage, but mostly by order of the real power Kendrick. The city was in an uproar, manuevering to find these quiet enemies.

During the course of the following month, it was then that the Three did publically make a declaration of their removal of Genevieve Fontage from the throne of Atlanta for crimes of supporting David Kendrick in his continuing bloodbath and slaughter of many Kindred. The Three claimed to respect and abide Prince Fontage but that they could not allow Kendrick to hunt them or their followers and demanded his surrender in exchange for the Prince's safety.

Kendrick refused, and Fontage was never seen again; it is presumed although never confirmed that she was slain.

Many historians look upon this moment as the official beginning of the Kendrick-Gaunt conflict; a conflict which to this day has not fully ended. This conflict is important in the history of Atlanta because the next several Prince became unwitting pawns or victims of the undercurrents between these massive and possibly unstoppable monsters. Many people blame Gaunt directly for the transgressions of Kendrick, claiming that Gaunt's assasination of Fontage simply loosed the reigns on a properly contained pyschopath. Many claim that had Fontage survived, she could and would have controlled Kendrick for eons. Completely averting the following years of the Reign of Atlanta's Red Prince, both on the throne as power behind the throne.

Kendrick eventually did become public Prince of Atlanta, after many puppets were promoted and expunged. Eventually his reign was ended, and he was called from Atlanta to publically become an Archon in the Service of Caius the Ventrue Justicar.

Gaunt was always a quiet enigma, and what became of him is as uncertain as any ghost story might be. Informed sources confirmed his continued survival, but no one is sure what became of either his fellow conspirators or himself.


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