Hall of Princes

Jack Wild

Clan: Brujah
Reign: Sept 94 - Nov 94
Status: Abdicated
Whereabouts: Deceased, Dec 97

Quick to take advantage of the power vacuum after the abdication of Ashton Kincaid, Jack Wild assumed the Princehood of Atlanta. Wild was a Brujah idealist and was supported by a consortium of powerful Kindred of Atlanta. Jack Wild attempted to rally his subjects with promises of sweeping changes from the old system of favoritism, injustice and lethargy present under Kincaid. Many were doubtful but none moved against him in the beginning.

Jack Wild abdicated the throne of Atlanta in the wake a particularly demanding confrontation with the Nosferatu known as Monty. No satisfactory explanation as to what powers this Nosferatu used to force Jack Wild's abdication were ever forthcoming.

Wild departed Atlanta for an extended period for unknown reasons though some cite a disallusionment with the purposeless violence and chaos.

He returned several months later along with his former associate and fellow Brujah Wallace Earle. The two formed a close knit and energetic coterie known as the Family, drawing upon former allies and similar minded newcomers.

Wild was among the first to perish when the Family was charged with treason and engaging in Sabbat blood rituals by Prince Stephan in October of 1997. Wild's death was the spark that lit the fire of revolution. Eventually Wallace Earle removed Stephan, but himself fell to Sergei shortly thereafter.


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