Hall of Princes

Robert Whey

Clan: Brujah
Reign: July 2008 - present
Status: Currently Reigning
Whereabouts: Atlanta

Robert Whey arrived into Atlanta in early 2008. A neonate who was better known for following the orders of another neonate. Robert still seemed to have the ear of Prince Jones. When Prince Jones was recalled to New York, several Kindred attempted to claim the throne First and foremost was Thaniel of clan Malkavian. Who laid claim to the throne (and incidently precipitated the death of Bruno Peretti).

Thaniel, however had some hidden secrets and was brutally taken down by Mort, Thorian, and Hemish of Clan Gangrel. Later questioning under the auspices of the Toreador Justicar revealed that Thaniel, Warlord of the Camarilla had not only been responsible for a gigantic breech of the Masquerade 2 months prior, but had also joined the Sabbat.

There has been no offical word of the final fate of Thaniel, but there is little doubt that the Toreador Justicar was furious and humiliated by the betrayal of his Warlord.

Meanwhile, Atlanta looked for someone to take the steed of Prince, and Robert Whey offered his services. After some consultation and debate the Remaining elders choose not to object to the Praxis. There is still some question why a Neonate has the Throne of Atlanta, however the Archons and other elders have made no effort to remove Mr Whey from the throne.


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