Hall of Princes

Sergei Romanov

Clan: Nosferatu
Reign: Dec 97 - Jun 99
Status: unknown
Whereabouts: unknown

One of the most feared and bloodied Princes in Atlanta's history, Prince Sergei is one of the strongest supporters of the Traditions and the Camarilla that Atlanta has ever had.

Easily one of the strongest and most stable Princes in the Americas, Prince Sergei's rule of Atlanta is now in the middle of its second year, and his power seems as solid as ever. Even after a series of Sabbat encounters which have crippled the rest of the Southeast and most of Texas, Prince Sergei controls Atlanta with a vise grip that has even kept the always present Atlanta Anarchs silent.

Coming to power after the succession of Stephan Jefferson, and the one night rule of Wallace Earle, Prince Sergei quickly solidified his power by creating a solid alliance with the predominately Gangrel coterie know as the Pack, and by finding people with the power to aid him and casting them in roles of authority to help him rule the city.

Prince Sergei has never claimed to be a fair or even leader, but has a solid respect of the Traditions and the status of age. Best known for his straightforward approach to problems and his often iron-handed solutions, Prince Sergei is not a defensive maintainer of the throne but rather an active leader that has openly sought out problems and enemies to destroy. His anti-Sabbat campaign in Tampa has drawn the hatred and attention of the Sabbat in Florida and is publically believed to be the catalyst that has ended a solid drought in open violence between the Sabbat and Camarilla.

Hailing from mother Russia, Prince Sergei is one of the younger breed of Princes that still readily embraces the old guard philosophy of leadership through strength. Not bothering to exercise his Right of Destruction through Bloodhunts or an intermediary, Prince Sergei has personally destroyed dozens of Sabbat and potential Anarch enemies with a now infamous sword which is publically known to destroy Kindred with a mere touch.

Sergei announced his intention to step down from the throne of Atlanta in May of 1999 and then was absent from the June 1999 Elysium. He has not been seen in public since May and a new Prince was declared by the Primogen in July of 1999 -- Thorian Vryce.


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