Hall of Princes

Stephan Jefferson

Clan: Brujah
Reign: May 97 - Nov 97
Status: overthrown by praxis seizure
Whereabouts: alive and occaisionally active in Atlanta

When Prince Ozymandias Hasp inexplicably abandoned his post, Stephan Jefferson quickly filled the void by assuming the Princehood in the same night. Prince Jefferson peacefully held the position for several months.

Stephan's reign came to a dramatic end when his apparent attempt to eliminate potential rivals instead galvanized Wallace Earle and Erik Lassiter to organize a praxis seizure and install a radically new Administration. A Blood Hunt was issued for Stephan Jefferson by the new Administration, which quickly moved to galvanize Stephan's allies against the new Administration.

In a case of ironic justice, Stephan proved instrumental in bringing down the Prince that had brought him down.


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