Hall of Princes

Thorian Vryce

Clan: Gangrel
Reign: July 1999 - September 1999
Status: Unknown, presumed deceased
Whereabouts: Unknown

Taking the throne after the Archons Grim and Violent Bill called an ad hoc meeting of the Atlanta Primogen, in which they were given the mandate of selecting a Prince, Thorian Vryce has had a trial by fire.

Known to be an Elder of many years, trace his mortal lineage back to the time of the Viking Warriors. Thorian Vryce has more mental discipline than most Gangrel and many have seen his ability to Psychicly Project. Somewhat enigmatic, many Kindred are curious to see how the city will change under his reign.

Thorian Vryce disappeared in an expedition into the labyrinth beneath the streets of Atlanta, in search of answers to the enigmatic Runewall and the shadow monsters. He is presumed dead.


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