Chronicle Timeline Section
April 2000

Bron Giovanni was seen walking the Elysium grounds with two waifish women hidden under black veils of mourning. All three figures were dressed entirely in black and carried large, white lillies as they mourned the death of their family member, Vittorio Enzo Giovanni. Unusually withdrawn and somber, Bron Giovanni was the only member of his entourage to speak at all during the course of the evening as he quietly passed out invitations to the Wake of Vittorio.

The Anubis Club was also veiled in the most sombre of tones. Several requiems were played throughout the night, notably those of Verdi and Mozart; the club was hung in black mourning cloths and members arrayed themselves in armbands and veils to show their respect for the stricken Vittorio, cut down by a murderous savage at such a tender age.

At 10:30pm the Wake began when Bron Giovanni spoke a few words, urging those assembled to not weep for Vittorio's death, for death is but a doorway to the next existence and not an end. Bron then read a short passage in Egyptian from the Book of the Dead and the viewing of the body began. The ceremony was brief, but touching.

Bron Giovanni was not, however, allowed to have any peace with which to celebrate the passing of his cousin, for it is whispered that Simon St Croix, an infamous and powerful member of the Tremere swindled the Giovanni businessman from a precious and valuable possession. Bron Giovanni, normally composed and proper, was seen swearing, cursing and demanding the heart of St Croix as payment for the transgression.

The city of Atlanta would also have no peace from the ravening hordes of ghouls that were responsible for the death of Vittorio Giovanni the month before. Several Kindred were further attacked by these ghouls who seem to exhibit preternatural powers normally associated with the Assamite Clan. Fortunately, no Kindred fatalities were reported in April.

In a humorous twist to the close of the evening, a pair of Kindred parazoologists came to Atlanta seeking an opportunity to explore and study the shadow creatures living in the darkest pits of Atlanta's labyrinth. Fortunately for them and their large Malkavian escort, Prince Fontage was able to dissuade the expedition from heading into the sewers, where they most assuredly would have found danger beyond their ability to survive.


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