Chronicle Timeline Section
August 2000
by Mark Delgado

August 2000 started off with a small bang as Salvatore Giovanni sent a missive asking for help in the capture of "the Kindred known as Mantegnan VonLicht of Clan Tremere." (sic) Prince Fontage, in a short and sharp response told Mr. Giovanni that basicly he should not expect any assistance from the Vampires of Atlanta in his quest for repayment on money owed to him by Mr. VonLicht.

Rumors of The Tremere and the Nosferatu working together on some unknown situation surfaced from time to time, as many notable members of both clans didn't show up in Elysia except briefly, if at all.

The Brujah managed to get in trouble...again. Evidently one of their ghouls, angry at being turned into a ghoul and feeling the beginnings of a blood bond being forced upon him, decided in Anarch tradition, to hire mortal hitmen to kill he Anarch Elder Michaeleena. Fortunately, his plot failed and the hitmen were caught. Unfortunately, catching them precpitated several breaches of the Masqurade. (the offending ghoul was evidently killed)

An unknown caitiff vampire was apprehended after apparently being hired by the aforementioned Salvatore Giovanni to attack and cause problems in the city of Atlanta after Prince Fontage's biting response. The said caitiff was dispatched with the Prince's blessing by the Brujah Billy, as the caitiff had been frustrating and frenzying her (Billy) repeatedly.

During the primogen meeting, the issue of the repeated breaches of the Masquerade by the Brujah anarchs became a major sticking point for the Prince, who demanded payment in the form of cash or check on the spot from the offending Brujah.

Several small rats composed of nothing but a shadowy substance again appeared in various places around the Elysia. The reason for their reappearance is unknown but cause for much speculation and fear among the residents of Atlanta, who recall the terror filled nights of just a few short months ago when the rats and other shadowy creatures roamed the halls and corners of the Arts Exchange.

Finally, a well known and acclaimed sitar player, Cosmic Josh Brown, preformed in the Anubis Club. The Toreador were enthralled, and the rest of the listeners were engaged by his rousing performance.


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