Chronicle Timeline Section
February 12, 2000

The evening of February 12, 2000, the city of Atlanta welcomed Salvatore Giovanni, uncle of the local Bron Giovanni. The Elder Giovanni announced that he would be holding an auction in which the sweetest nectar of all would be placed upon the block -- the essence of a 7th generation vampire. Imbibing this arcane elixir would lower the generation of any Kindred by one place up to 7th generation while still leaving the drinker free of any taint of diablerie. Competition in the auction for this vial was fierce, with Avelyn Zachariah Wyndon of the Ventrue and Simon StCroix of the Tremere dueling in a financial battle that saw the vial sold for the staggering sum of $140,000.

The enigmatic and powerful entity known as Carlos Tet was once again present in the city of Atlanta seeking his lost antiquities. Seen conversing with Prince Fontage, Bron Giovanni and several other of Atlanta's notable Kindred, it could be seen that Tet's calm demeanor was beginning to crack with his frustration at the length of time it was taking to recover his stolen possessions.

During a raid into the city to recover one of Carlos Tet's mystical artifacts, Luther Simons was attacked by a masked sniper from a rooftop. Avelyn Zachariah Wyndon, with the assistance of Bron Giovanni and his ghoul, Vittorio, were able to apprehend and subdue the sniper who turned out to be the Toreador Neonate known as Bobby Ray, rumored to be one of Samuramat's favorites. Rumors in the rack tell that Bron Giovanni was particularly brutal in subduing the sniper once his true identity was discovered. Perhaps Bobby Ray should have been a little more tactful with that "Nosferatu" comment he made about Bron Giovanni's eye those few months prior?

A Malkavian dressed as a mime had his face permanently removed by several Kindred armed with a cheese grater.

Late in the evening the moon turned a deep and bloody red; occultists and those wise in the matters of the arcane were unable to explain this strange occurrence.


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