Chronicle Timeline Section
February 26, 2000

The Kindred of Atlanta were surprised by the appearance of Sergei Romanov, former Nosferatu Prince of Atlanta, with two Archons. Sergei stunned the assembled Kindred further when it was announced that he had been elevated to the highest position of authority within the Camarilla, that of Justicar. Justicar Romanov replaces Petrodon, the former Nosferatu Justicar, who is whispered to have abdicated his position during an emergency meeting of the Inner Circle in the summer of 1999. It is said that Petrodon received some sort of letter and upon reading its contents, he stepped down from his position and into obscurity.

Carlos Tet was in Atlanta for the third gathering, this time unable to restrain his frustration that his property had not been returned, Carlos Tet unleashed his fury in the form of a plague of flies upon Uwe Oppenheimer in the Elysium. Uwe's pleas for justice fell upon the deaf ears of the Administration.

A strange blood disease had been affecting the Kine populations of the city of Atlanta for the last several weeks; reducing supplies of blood, making feeding difficult and draining health resources from the city's Kindred. Tet claimed to be responsible for this blood plague and vowed that it would continue until he had retrieved his artifacts. Fortunately for the city, Bron Giovanni was able to retrieve the last of the unique and arcane items. Handing over the staff, the torque and the scarab to Carlos Tet, Bron Giovanni was witness to a powerful conflagration of magickal and psychic energy as Tet absorbed the power of the items into his own aura. Claiming that he was now truly invincible to all forms of attack, Tet vowed to not return to the city of Atlanta for a century. With a flash of power, he was gone.

The Seneschal, Samuramat, surprised the Kindred of Atlanta by announcing that she would be leaving the city of Atlanta to search for her Sire. Bobby Ray had was banished from the city by Prince Fontage as punishment for his attack on Luther Simons. Originally planning to travel with Bobby Ray, Samuramat chose to leave him behind, no doubt to avoid the stigma of travelling with an outcast.

The Setite known as Drago was elevated to the position of Seneschal to fill the void left by Samuramat's decision to leave the city. Many Traditional Kindred were outraged by the Prince's decision to appoint a Setite as the Seneschal of the city. Erik Corley was promoted to the office of Sheriff, replacing Drago. Sheriff Corley was abducted later in the evening, never to be seen again.

In a brief ceremony in the Anubis Club, John Simpson Dyer was elevated to Primogen of Clan Ventrue. Also this month the Anubis Club hosted a Member's Only performance for the musician Diana McCrary, a cellist, lyricist and vocalist for the Atlanta band, Aphelion.

An American Indian calling himself Two Clouds claimed to have had his spirit given flesh in the Anubis Club. Apparently a horrid blend of ghost and undead flesh, known as a revenant, Two Clouds claimed to be searching for Thorian Vryce. Kevlar and other members of the Gangrel Clan took a swift interest in Two Clouds and attacked him in the hopes of subduing him for questioning (or worse); but Two Clouds was able to manifest mastery of Celerity and was able to escape. There was some discussion among the Gangrel of holding Bron Giovanni personally accountable for the appearance of the revenant. Apparently it was thought that one of the Necromancer's experiments must have created the abomination.


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