Chronicle Timeline Section
July 2000

July of 2000 saw the return of Salvatore Giovanni, uncle of Bron Giovanni, to the city of Atlanta to tidy up some messy business details. The Elder Giovanni claimed that Mantegnan VonLicht of Clan Tremere had failed to make payment for an item for which he was the high bidder in the June auction. Because of past dealings with the Tremere of Atlanta, Salvatore chose to be lenient on Mantegnan VonLicht and allow him to pay his debt with a small bit of interest. Apparently deciding that the fate of their clansmen was no real concern, the Tremere seemed unwilling (or possibly unable) to collect resources to pay their brother's debt. VonLicht fled the city, apparently deciding that keeping his personal fortune was worth embittering himself with the Giovanni.

Arliss Khavkin, the bloody handed butcher and kinslayer who allied himself with the Sabbat mere days after attempting to seize praxis over Atlanta, was seen openly walking through the Elysium grounds. Rumor on the street has it that Prince Fontage chose to make a pact with this fickle psychopath who allegedly seeks to once again betray his allies and switch teams.

Possibly related to the appearance of Arliss or possibly related to the brewing tensions between the Giovanni and the Tremere, a number of Kindred in the city were attacked with Force Bolt several times during the evening. The attacks tended to occur whenever their was a simmering argument heating up. No culprit for the attacks was ever found.

Several new Kindred entered the city in July. Two that caused something of a stir were Senor Ramon Rafael Vasquez and Dante de la Hoya. Claiming to be from Madrid, the two Spaniards seemed to suffer from a poor grasp of the English language when confronted by several luminaries in the city, notable among them the Sheriff, David Kendrick. Eventually presented to the Prince as members of the Nosferatu Clan, the pair seemed to attract an unusual amount of attention.

Speaking of newcomers, the Brujah Clan nearly doubled in size in July. Unfortunately for the Administration, all of the new Brujah in the city seem to be Anarch. Apparently the word is out across America that Atlanta is the new haven for Anarch activity in the southeast. Surely this will not bode well for peace in the city.

Mantegnan VonLicht was not the only Kindred being hunted by outside powers in July. Father Angelo Black, a Lasombra, was being hunted by several other Lasombra that were known to be Sabbat. The Lasombra were luckier than the Giovanni, however, as they were able to capture their quarry with the aid of the Nosferatu. The attack, capture and sale of Father Black to the Sabbat by the Nosferatu has been a source of outrage for a number of Kindred in the city; resulting in a damning proclamation by Prince Fontage in which she stripped the Nosferatu of their Domain over the sewers. A notable agitator in this affair was a Mr Johnson who seems to have some sort of severe and personal grudge against Cullen Bishop, the Elder of Clan Nosferatu.

In local events, a Toy's R Us truck was found crashed through a church. The church was totally destroyed and two bodies were found inside. The first was a police officer who had been killed by large arms and rifle fire. The second body was found mutilated. It's head, fingers, and legs were later recovered in a toy box. A large statue of christ on the cross was missing from the church.

David Kendrick, Kevlar, Luther Simons, Ren and Cullen Bishop are said to have discovered the location of a Tzimisce haven in the city. Formidably defended by both mechanical and supernatural security, the small but deadly strike team prevailed over their foe and are rumored to have made off with a large haul in plundered loot. Some whispers have been heard about the curious nature of Simons proclaiming himself to be an Elder of the Tzimisce bloodline so soon after slaughtering one of his own clan in the city. Perhaps Arliss Khavkin and Luther Simons should form a new band called "the kinslayers."


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