Chronicle Timeline Section
June 2000

June of 2000 saw the return of the powerful and influential Salvatore Giovanni to the city of Atlanta. As is typical of the Elder Giovanni's arrival, he came bearing items of strange and mystical power and four of the coveted vials of Kindred Essence. An auction was to be held in the Anubis Club to disperse the goods to the highest bidders. A strange collection of Kindred assembled to participate in the auction, Archmagus Mantegnan VonLicht of the Tremere, Howard A Dunwich and Dr Ted Vail of the Malkavian, Aregano Firegutt and Kevlar of the Gangrel and Cory van Buren of the Brujah.

The items for sale at the auction were reported to have strange properties and many of them sold for outrageous sums of money. The items said to have sold (and their properties) are:

The Blade of Wrath - an unbreakable sword, said to contain the tormented soul of a Brujah. The weapon is apparently capable of damaging any type of creature, regardless of form.
The Chalice of Alastor - a jeweled chalice. The chalice is apparantly capable of rendering any vitae poured into it palatable to any Kindred, regardless of normal feeding restrictions.
Silver Singing Bowl - Listed on the Tremere Global Acquisitions List, if the Tremere are aware of this strange instrument's powers, they aren't telling.
Rowan wood stake - This rune-inscribed stake has been enchanted with the potent ritual Shaft of Belated Quiesience and can be used to stake a Kindred if even a single sliver of wood pierces flesh.
Wax-covered stake - This finely crafted stake has been completely sealed in wax and has been enchanted with the ritual Splinter Servant.
Small Clay Stone and Green Vial - This odd pair of instruments is capable of placing an area Ward vs. Ghouls.
High Tech Lockpicks - A mundane, but exceptionally advanced device, these lockpicks are capable of breaking through the toughest security defenses in the right hands.

Although all of the items sold in the auction, the most coveted prize left with Salvatore at the end of the evening, the vial of 7th generation Essence. In a move that is still not understood, Aregano Firegutt of clan Gangrel bid $140,000 for the vial of Essence and then was apparently unable to pay what was due. The Elder Giovanni made clear that his displeasure would be immediate and final upon any who failed to settle their accounts, but Aregano seemed to spurn such warnings and disappeared into the night.

Perhaps some vendetta was declared between the Gangrel and the Giovanni, because Salvatore Giovanni was seen late in the evening in a virulent argument with Kevlar and Luther Simons over their apparent attempt to renege on their payment for the Chalice of Alastor. It is uncertain how the argument ended, but Salvatore Giovanni was last seen storming away from the two Gangrel and informing his nephew, Bron Giovanni, to say nothing further to them. After these negative business deals at the last Elyium, it is wondered by some what will become of the Giovanni in Atlanta.

Perhaps all of the Giovanni activity in the city had other effects as well, for it has been claimed by several Kindred that the ghost of Thorian Vryce was seen several times during the evening. The spirit was said to appear straight out of the marble statue of Thorian that stands in the Anubis Club's main hall. Thorian Vryce is a former Prince of Atlanta that was apparently slain by evil magicks within the deep recesses of the labyrinth nearly a year ago.

Spirits of a different kind may have been the culprit for some wild shenanigans that occurred at the Gold Club, a strip club rumored to have mafia ties. Reports state that several of the strippers had gone savage, attacking the patrons and shrieking imprecations. It is not known if there was any Kindred involvement at the scene; but Detective Lee and his special unit did arrive to help clean up the mess and arrest the miscreants involved.


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