Chronicle Timeline Section
March 2000

Kindred of Atlanta were shocked by the announcement that Prince Fontage would not be attending the March gathering. Officially claiming to be out of the city meeting with other Princes in nearby Domains to discuss the encroaching Sabbat hordes, it was rumored that she had actually disguised herself and was secretly making her way through the city to observe her subjects in secret.

Prince Fontage also gave the dismaying news that Sheriff Erik Corley was missing and that if any harm had come to him, his assailants would be captured and delivered severe and insurmountable justice. In light of Corley's absence, David Kendrick, a prominent Ventrue was promoted into the vacant position.

The Anubis Club was home to the Wedding Ceremony of Countess Dechalla of House Moussilon. With the entirety of the Court of Moussilon in attendance, an elaborate ceremony and ritual was performed, presided over by Bron Giovanni.

Bron Giovanni was also seen with a mysterious ingenue in the Anubis Club named Veronica Sanctus Serafin. Claiming that she was not of his family, but was from Venice, Bron whispered that Veronica was assisting him in some arcane and occult research with several of the more unusual tomes in his library. Although many attempted to vie Veronica for more detailed information about her relationship to Bron, she remained inscrutable.

In a surprise move, the outspoken Anarch, Michaeleena O'Neil, took control of the Brujah clan. It is unknown if it was related, but several Brujah and a ghoul were involved in a breach of the Masquerade in downtown Atlanta shortly thereafter.

In flagrant disregard for Elysium, the newly appointed Sheriff, David Kendrick, and several other Kindred beat down a Brujah in the Prince's auditorium. The Torpored neonate had apparently lost control of his beast while under intense questioning.

Vittorio Giovanni was attacked in the early part of the evening, but his assailant was captured and killed and Vittorio's Regnant, Bron Giovanni, used his powers of Necromancy to summon and question the spirit of the corpse. Unfortunately, little was learned. Most unfortunately for Vittorio, the dead ghoul apparently had allies that were willing to sacrifice their own lives to seek vengeance. Vittorio Enzo Giovanni was slaughtered by a ghoul similar to his earlier assailant. An interesting mixture of Kindred leapt to Vittorio's defense, including Michaeleena O'Neil, Billy Bennett, Roderick McKay and Gregg, the leader of the Sabbat Lasombra. With incredible tenacity the ghoul ignored his own attackers and was able to land the killing blow on Vittorio shortly before being destroyed himself.

Vittorio was not the only person attacked that night by these strange ghouls. The Seneschal Drago was attacked, rendered helpless with a power that seemed like the dreaded Assamite discipline of Quietus and nearly abducted from the Elysium; but was rescued from the brink of disaster by Dallas Winters.

Uwe Oppenheimer was not as fortunate as the Seneschal, however. Uwe was attacked and killed by a large group of Kindred, including Sheriff Kendrick, it is whispered, because of alleged ties to the Sabbat and repeated diablerie. And so passed one of the longest tenants of Atlanta's Kindred society. A former Keeper of Elysium, Sheriff, Seneschal, Primogen and Elder of the Ventrue Clan, who could have suspected that Uwe Oppenheimer's heart hid such evil?


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