Chronicle Timeline Section
May 2000

Michaeleena O'Neil, the self-styled leader of the Anarch movement, sponsored a Brujah Rant at a warehouse not far from the Elysium. The spectacle became gore-splattered and messy from early on. The highlight of the Rant seemed to involve a game of Krieger-ball, a sport that involved the smashing, hurling and general mistreatment of a Kindred by the name of Krieger

The Anubis Club was revealed as having undergone yet another set of transformations, this time altering the structure and layout of the interior of the club. The new look must have been a hit with the Prince, for the Primogen meeting was held in the Anubis Club.

An explosion rocked the L5P area of Atlanta. Rumors have it that several Malkavians were seen driving away from the area. Jonathan Crow was overheard saying that he had been attacked by one of the strange ghouls that have appeared in the Domain of Atlanta recently. Whether or not there is any connection is an enigma.

Buzz in the ears these nights tell that Arliss Khavkin, once a contender for the throne of Atlanta is still out and about and up to his naughty tricks. Once accused of being a Sabbat sympathizer, if not an outright member, Arliss is well known for his flamboyant disregard for tact and negotiating with blood thaumaturgy when his hackles are really up. This plotline seems worthy of paying attention to.

A number of Kindred in the city attacked Luther Simmons in a seemingly endless string of unmotivated attacks. Some of Luther's attackers reported remembering a telepath using mental coercion to force these attacks. Later in the evening word spread that it was Jobu, a Tzimisce psychic projector and associate of the dreaded Sabbat Walord Kristoff the Toymaker, who was behind the mesmerisms.

As if to prove the theory, Jobu himself appeared at the Elysium well near dawn and had words with Prince Fontage. It is uncertain what they spoke of, but shortly thereafter Prince Fontage and Luther Simmons exchanged heated words amidst a large gathering of the city's Elders. Apparently Jobu asserted that Luther had broken the delicate treaty with the southern Sabbat by attacking Jobu with his powers of Animalism. Luther spoke most inappropriately to Prince Fontage and just as it seemed that he had pushed the patient Prince beyond all boundaries of restraint, an even more insolent child appeared.

What seemed to be a naked toddler lost among the Beasts was actually a hideous Tzimisce monstrosity with deadly mastery of the powers of Vicissitude, Obtenebration, Puissance and Fortitude. Although the mightiest warriors of Atlanta were on hand to deal with this obscene blasphemy of Kindred flesh, the creature was able to make its escape. Woe to those who come across its path in the future.


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