Chronicle Timeline Section
October 2000
by Stephen Carter

The October Gathering of the Kindred of Atlanta was the center of sights both glamorous and ghoulish! If you were unable to attend, you surely missed a grand time.

Prince Fontage, with overwhelming aid from the citizens (or is that denizens?) of Atlanta, put on a marvelous Masquerade Ball complete with exotic libations for those of a mind to partake. The Ball brought out the childe in almost everyone, as was evident by the vast array of costumes that were present. As a testament to the Ball's universal appeal, the glamorous Toreador were seen in the same circles as a few notable Nosferatu. That's right! The Nosferatu were sighted (bad form that) at the Ball. It seems that a few of them must have gotten a day pass out of the sewers where they and most of the Tremere clan have been residing these days. Even the Anubis Club closed temporarily, due in large part no doubt to it's new co-owner, Nathaniel Ross. Good form!

But the Masquerade Ball was not the only happening in Atlanta this month. The Anubis Club offered another chance for the Kindred of Atlanta to view, and possibly purchase, items both esoteric and arcane. Salvatore Giovanni was on hand to conduct the auction, which proceeded without incident. Bron Giovanni, Senor Giovanni's nephew, was noticeably absent which caused no end of lamentation. Bron was slated to attend the Ball in his much anticipated Baron Samedi (a.k.a. Abra Cadaver) attire. Maybe next year?

Also absent this Gathering was John Simpson Dyer, former manager of the Anubis Club. It is rumored that he was recalled to New York to attend to clan business. But perhaps he knew when the 'getting was good'. It seems that not everyone is happy with the Anubis Club these days. Manager Ashley Covington can attest to this fact as she was the recipient of a most unusual, and potent, 'command performance'. She was approached by a man dressed in Muslim robes who asked her to accompany her to the sewers. Luckily for her, Mr... Johnson was on the scene to remind her that she had a club to run!. She was very grateful, stating "it takes forever to get that sewer smell out of your clothes".

But the Gathering was not all gowns and flashy costumes. Some revelers decided for 'theme' costumes. One such party goer, Jobu of the Southern Sabbat, decided that he would pursue a sci-fi theme for his several costumes. First, he decided to pay homage to that cult classic, "Invasion of the Body Snatchers". Donning a host body named 'Nathan', Jobu frolicked about the city with the Malkavian clan. Antics ensued and soon Jobu found himself the focus of a light hearted game of pin-the-warded-sword-on-the-Sabbat courtesy of Tzimisce elder, Sun Lau, and his merry band.

But despair not! Jobu had another costume ready in the wings. Showing that he was a good sport, Jobu engaged in more festive shenanigans by sending an animated stake at Sun Lau. The life-like little construct made those in attendance laugh aloud as it danced around and then hopped on Sun Lau's robe, obviously attempting to tickle him. The fun was arrested momentarily when Sheriff David Kendrick accidentally shattered the little gremlin when he went to shake it's hand.

With that done the party moved on to the Anubis Club. The revelers enjoyed refreshments and conversation until...
...a new face walked into the club. He was given the once over by security, the aforementioned and eagle-eyed Mr.. Johnson, who promptly ferreted out the freshly costumed Jobu! This time the wacky Tzimisce decided that he was going to try out his new 'Aliens' costume. Moments from entering the club, Jobu convulsed convincingly (aided by the rounds being pumped into his body by the ever accommodating Johnson) and then slumped onto the floor. Seconds later a small monstrosity ripped itself free from Jobu's form and skittered about the room. The little tyke was decked out in enough spikes and fleshy tendrils to make any Tzimisce sire proud! Turning quickly to shadow the Eddie Munster wannabe led a number of kindred on a raucous chase through the halls of the Society.

For his part, Jobu was gone but not forgotten as his gore splattered host was not left unmolested for long. Indeed it soon glowed with life once more! Those in attendance were surprised to see the discarded host of Jobu reform itself into the form of a vibrant native american man. The entity immediately flew into a violent rage, obviously getting into the spooky Halloween 'spirit', and began lashing out at the crowd. Several Kindred engaged the creature when it became apparent that it was not acquainted with polite society. After several tense moments it was brought low and turned to dust, which was efficiently vacuumed away by Nathaniel.

But the spooky action was not confined to the Society grounds and the Anubis Club. Mortals got into the act as they flocked to a midnight showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Details are sketchy but by the end of the performance more than 30 mortals had been killed. No one has taken credit for the slaughter so far.

Now, last but not least, there were some treats this Halloween. It seems that someone sent a gift to the Malkavians of Atlanta. Rumor had it that there were some unusual happenings at the Atlanta Farmer's Market. Sensing a mystery, Malkavian elder Crow and his troupe of Kooks (with a few young Tremere for special effects support) decided to investigate. What they found was no less than astonishing! Some talented artist had crafted and shipped to Atlanta the ultimate trick or treat creation: a five bodied cow! The creature looked like a combination of 5 specially mutated cows. Each head exhibited various powers which it used on the investigative team. That was the trick part. The treat came when the assembled Kooks and wizards attempted to 'treat' the unruly beast to an impromptu Bar-B-Que! The unnamed artist had designed the creature to spew candy upon being hit! That's right, the blustering bovine was by all accounts, a living piñata! Now that is talent! "Got cowvos?"

The delighted Kindred enjoyed their Halloween treats by the glow of the raging inferno that was formerly the farmer's market. Seems that some of the Tremere could use a little flamebolt target practice... Ouch!

A young gutter-punk type in a 'Scream' mask made his first appearance at this gathering, rudely swearing at all who would listen to him...and some who wouldn't. Pushy, trash-talking, and irrepressably antagonistic, the Kindred was thought to be a Brujah, until he revealed himself to his clan - he was of Clan Gangrel, despite his apparent rebel attitude. His name was Molo.

So ended another gala evening in Atlanta. What will the new year bring? Stay tuned...


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