Chronicle Timeline Section
February 2001

Atlanta's Kindred were shocked by the public pronouncement by the Toreador Elder Nathaniel Ross. Elder Ross claimed that he had been challenged to ritual combat by Kevlar of Clan Gangrel while in Kevlar's Domain. Accepting the challenge, Elder Ross informed the citizens of Atlanta that Kevlar wielded strange powers unknown to members of the Camarilla. Realizing that the Kevlar intended to proceed with the ritual challenge to the Final Death, Elder Ross was forced to defend himself with all of his might and slew Kevlar. Elder Ross proclaimed that he would submit to a formal inquisition on the matter to clear any doubts or questions that might be had by the general public. Although no pronouncement was made by Prince Fontage, the Sheriff of Atlanta, David Kendrick, remarked that "Suicide is not considered Destruction. Deaths resulting from duels (including ritual challenges) are considered suicide."

Another Toreador was in the news in February, this time for prestigious tidings. Kaleb was elevated to Seneschal of Atlanta, replacing the absent Stephan Jefferson. Kaleb has long been a rising star in the society of Atlanta's Cainites and many were pleased to see him come into his own. Taking Kaleb's place as Toreador Primogen was Madeline Pompedour.

For the second month in a row, powerful Inquisitors arrived from the Tremere Chantry in Dallas. Although their purposes in the city remain inscrutable, they were behind locked doors with most of the Tremere members of the city for large portions of the night. Dark omens for those that fear the powerful influence of the warlocks.

February saw the return of the prodigal Giovanni, as Bron Giovanni made his first appearance in Atlanta for over six months. Although not in attendance at the society gathering for very long, Bron Giovanni was seen speaking with several of the city's notable Kindred. It is unknown where Bron Giovanni has been for the last six months, but it is rumored that he was travelling through Europe. Wherever he went he apparently was influenced by the modern fashions while there for the most heard comment about Bron Giovanni from February were remarks on his attire. Gone was the conservative ivory tuxedo, in its place was a fuzzy fur coat made of silver wolf hide over silver and black clubwear embroidered with a skull and dagger motif. Wherever the errant Giovanni has been, he has returned transformed in style if not in substance.

The Ventrue Clan saw an influx of new blood in February as four new members of that prestigious bloodline arrived in the city. Quincy McLintock, millionaire industrialist and owner of Maverick Industries made the noisiest entrance as his thick Texas accent and hard business dealings turned heads. Also among the newcomers were Serenity Wang, Alexander Pendragon and Tobian Kai.

It seems that there may finally be a truce between the Nosferatu Clan and Prince Fontage as all of the Nosferatu were present for the Prince's opening announcements in February. Although none who are not Nosferatu known the true intentions of the mysterious and poorly understood bloodline, it seems that the new Primogen, Rechtschaffen, and the enigmatic Marcus Travan may have been able to soften the hard heart of the Nosferatu Elder Cullen Bishop towards the Prince.

The Brujah may have inflamed members of House Tremere when one of their Elders, Alexander Harbinger, was seen using intermediate levels of Fire Thaumaturgy while on a raid against the Shadow Cult. Although a number of Malkavians, including Howard A Dunwich, were actually said to be an asset on the raid against the cult, rumor has it that little was accomplished and the expedition was, at best, a partial success.


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