Chronicle Timeline Section
January 2001

In response to the public proclamation by the Tzimisce Elder, Lau Z Sun, that he was responsible for the destruction of his Childe, the nearly universally loathed Luther Simons, Prince Genevieve Fontage declares a Blood Hunt on Lau Sun. Rumors abounded, however, that Prince Fontage's motives may have been less than sympathetic to the worm Luther and his associates. Whispers are spoken that Lau Sun was planning a praxis seizure of the Atlanta Domain and had, in fact, generated quite a bit of support against Prince Fontage.

High ranking officials of the Tremere hierarchy arrived from the Dallas Chantry to review matters with the scattered and broken remnants of the Atlanta Tremere Chantry. Dr Vernon Nalcon is appointed as the new Regent of the Tremere, while rumors persist that Antonin Artaud and Mantegnan vonLicht are under investigation and may be considered rogue.

Apparently dismissing with all pretense of a truce or peaceful ceasefire, several Sabbat Lasombra had a violent conflict with several members of Prince Fontage's Administration, including the Sheriff, David Kendrick, and the Keeper of Elysium, Kevlar. Word has it that one of the Lasombra was slain before the remainder fled. The Administration received no casualties.

Several of the power brokers in the city have become disgruntled by the recent losses in the industrial sector. Unknown forces are at work suppressing influence in this area.

The most recent in a bewildering six month string of changes in management of the Anubis Club was made this month as Mistress Mayfair of the Brujah took over management of this center of Kindred commerce and intrigue. Many mumbles and grumbles of disapproval have been heard in the streets and there has been some surprise that the long absent Bron Giovanni would turn over the reins of his establishment to a woman that has been labeled as "inhospitable" by some. Whatever the Necromancer's motivations, they remain as hidden as the Giovanni himself.

Although Bron Giovanni is still away from the city travelling on unknown business, his uncle, the powerful and stoic Salvatore Giovanni made a brief appearance, breaking in on the Primogen meeting as though it were his city. Many rumors abound about why it is that Prince Fontage tolerates the breaches of etiquette made by the Elder Giovanni.


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