Chronicle Timeline Section
July 2001

The legend of Lau Z Sun lives on as newcomers to the city of Atlanta arrive, apparently in search of the Tzimisce Elder or his minions. Whether these new arrivals have been informed of the Lextalionis on Lau Z Sun or if they are merely seeking to put an end to that Hunt is unknown.

Of perhaps greater notice to most of the Cainites in the city was the presence of four dignitaries from the nearby city of Chattanooga. Prince Maxwell, a Brujah, and his Seneschal, a Toreador known to some as Benvolio, arrived with their entourage. The exact business of the visiting Kindred is unknown to the public at large, but they were seen speaking privately with a number of the dignitaries in the city, notably several of the Primogen and of course the Prince of Atlanta, Genevieve Fontage. Several Tremere were thoroughly interrogated by Benvolio, including Marcus DeSade, Charles Chauvin and the former Atlanta Regent, Antonin Artaud.

The Brujah laid to rest one of their bloodline this month as Anton Mallory was destroyed. Rumor has it that the Brujah Primogen, Dr Kyle Rickman, petitioned for Mallory's destruction and that the execution was performed by Alexander Harbinger, an Elder Brujah. Was Mallory's crime so grave that his own clan turned against him in disgust and shame? Anyone who knows the truth is keeping it to themselves.

The Prince declared any actions against Eco Rage as strictly off limits, so instead several Kindred (including the prodigal Malkavian Kurt Meyer, Billy Bennett and the Keeper of Elysium, Alexander Harbinger) went on an expedition to discover dark secrets in the labs at the CDC. Word has it that some saboteurs were present to spring a trap on the intrepid adventurers, nearly getting several Kindred captured or killed. The motive and identity of the saboteurs is shrouded in mystery.

The Toreador Seneschal of Atlanta, Kaleb, returned to his position in stylish fashion by shaking up the conservative couture with his new european club ensemble. Apparently his Childe, Robert Anselme, is having a modernizing effect on the Elder Cainite. Or perhaps the Seneschal's rumored impressive displays of his unique discipline have him looking and feeling extra buff?

The Gangrel in the city played Primogen hot seat as Bear stepped down and was replaced by Sarah Silkspinner. Insiders allege that there were some connections made with the Gangrel that were allied with Eco Rage and that their organization may be leaving the area.

Big Mike was seen whispering in a dark corner with Bron Giovanni twice during the course of the night. None are certain what the two were discussing, but the gleam of an eye and the smiles of satisfaction on the faces of both Cainites are a sure indication that something significant was in the mix.

Prophet, the hapless Malkavian, seemed positively forlorn as he wandered through the Elysium grounds alone. According to sources close to Prophet, he and Mr T have had a falling out and T refuses to contact him or even acknowledge that they were ever friends. Prophet was seen clutching an army helmet and definitely seemed shell shocked by the loss of his close companion.

Speaking of Malkavians, Howard Dunwich, Angelique and crew were notably absent from most of the gathering. Whatever the Kooks were up to, I sure hope it wasn't a special surprise for me!

Finally, the self-styled Socrates of Atlanta's bloodsucking society, James Facet, was absent from his own game of spades. Whatever the stakes might have been, Mr Facet apparently lost out although several other individuals, including the strangely quiet Jacques Vachon, were seen to partake of a game or two in the relaxed confines of The Manor. Although no Anubis Club, The Manor has taken shape as a place of luxury and style since the management was handed over to Mr Legatus. Compliments to whatever savvy Cainite has placed their faith in that mortal.


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