Chronicle Timeline Section
June 2001

The Elysium for the night of June 9, 2001, was begun by Alexander Harbinger, the Keeper of Elysium, who announced that Prince Fontage and Sheriff Kendrick were away on Camarilla business and would not be present for most of the gathering, if they appeared at all. Alexander also announced that Kaleb had been returned, unharmed, by Archon Winthrop but that he had been relieved of the position of Seneschal and there was not currently an acting Seneschal in Atlanta.

As luck would have it, Prince Fontage did arrive a short time later and called for a Primogen meeting. During the meeting, Kaleb, who is still considered an Elder of Clan Toreador, discussed his condition and the nature of the changes that have been occurring with some members of the Toreador bloodline. Jonathan Crow, sitting in as Primogen of the Malkavians, also made some aspersions regarding Kaleb's true identity and possible connection with the Shadow Cult that has been operating within the sewers.

The Primogen meeting was held in the back room of The Manor, which once again hosted an open house to the public. A new ghoul, Alastor Legatus, was in charge of affairs, apparently taking over for the recently murdered Villacus. In the spirit of the Anubis Club and the former master of the house, Bron Giovanni, there was even live entertainment, although of a much more modern variety, as a new Nosferatu in the city setup a DJ booth and spun music popular amongst the Kine.

The Abbey, a club that was operating during the May Elysium, was notably closed during June. Perhaps competition with the Manor proved unhealthy for the would be entrepreneurs?

Atlanta was host to some powerful Kindred visitors from Chattanooga this month. Rumored to be two Toreador, a Tremere and a Brujah, word on the street varied about their intentions in the city, some even claiming that they were responsible for a recent Praxis Seizure in Chattanooga and that they had come south to Atlanta to secure their power over a new Domain. Whatever the case, it is known that they destroyed a Kindred by the name of Aram with the help of several members of the city, including several Tremere. In an inquest performed by the Prince later, one of the Toreador, named Benvolio, claimed that the Tremere owed him reparations for the destruction of Aram. Benvolio stated that a Tremere (Mr Gaunt) used aggravated damage to bring Final Death to Aram. As repayment for his foolishness and breach of Traditions, Prince Fontage, demanded that Mr Gaunt turn over a large amount of his own blood to Benvolio. It is unknown whether or not Benvolio was able to collect.

Another attack was made on the holdings of EcoRage this month, with similarly poor results. This time at least two Kindred met Final Death as the assault team fell into what surely must have been a trap laid by the soldiers of EcoRage. The EcoRage organization is protected by several powerful Gangrel and not only are they better organized than the team of Kindred that assaulted them, but they also have access to better weaponry. It seems that the EcoRage menace may be as eternal as the Jyhad itself. The distant seeming troubles with the Fethra organization are a grim reminder of how terrible the Kine can be when given near boundless knowledge and resources; EcoRage takes such terror tactics to the next level by adding an element of the supernatural.

Of interest to many in the city was the return of Kurt Meyer to Clan Malkavian. Long absent from the city, what does his reappearance signify? And will he attempt to usurp Angelique from the position of Primogen?

Although there were a number of Gangrel present defending EcoRage against assault, few were found in the Elysium. Once again it seems the loners of the Camarilla have chosen to remain almost completely absent from the public gatherings. Those Gangrel that do attend are almost all relatively new faces, such as Bear and Sarah Silkspinner. Is it possible that there is a greater plan behind the actions of the Gangrel? Are their Elders working against the Camarilla while the Neonates spy, unnoticed, upon the actions of the other clans?

And what of the Nosferatu? A mere few months ago they numbered one of the larger clans in the city and now only Marcus Travan shows his face publically. Where have they all gone? Has the Shadow Cult driven them all into Torpor, exile or Death? Has the political rift created by Cullen Bishop with Prince Fontage proved fatal for his entire bloodline? Where are Cullen Bishop and Rechtschaffen, the leaders of the Nosferatu?

And lo how the mighty Brujah have fallen. Since the slaughter of a half dozen of their bloodline months ago and the mysterious disappearance of their strongest voice, Michaeleena O'Neil, the Brujah have been few in number and surprisingly mild-mannered. What power strangles and suppresses the fires of the Brujah? The Ventrue lord it over in their halls of power, the Tremere flourish despite their internal struggles; but what of the lower clans? Is the city out of balance? And if so, what power has led Atlanta to this place?


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