Chronicle Timeline Section
March 2001

Ever one for surprises, Bron Giovanni introduced notable members of Kindred society to his cousin, Cesare Ernesto Valentino Giovanni. The well dressed, but more reserved, new member of the Giovanni family will apparently also be making Atlanta his residence for some unspecified duration. Whether he is a retainer of the scar-faced Bron Giovanni or whether he is merely visiting the city for purposes of his own is not known. When asked how Cesare Giovanni liked Atlanta, he is said to have responded, "The city is crowded and dirty like a zoo."

Several Nosferatu were the subject of mental attacks by a Psychic Projector with well developed skills in dominate. The resulting chaos was unpleasant for everyone involved as hulking monsters would appear from the darkness and viciously attack other members of the city without warning. The attacks did not stop until the Elder of Clan Nosferatu was beaten into Torpor. Unfortunately for the Clan Elder, his Torpored body was discovered in the trunk of Sheriff David Kendrick's car and both the car and Cullen Bishop disappeared shortly thereafter. Amazingly, Kendrick was recovered, but not before all of the Nosferatu's substantial wealth and equipment had been stolen from him. Including several extremely valuable artifacts that had been donated by Bron Giovanni to the Nosferatu Clan for use against the growing shadow menace in the labyrinth.

The Toreador Seneschal of Atlanta, Kaleb, seemed to come under some sort of debilitating mental attack as well, although his ailment manifested in an inability to communicate verbally. Babbling, gibbering and drooling, the normally regal and reserved Seneschal was forced to a near helpless state. The Toreador Archon, Winthrop, arrived some time later and was able to reverse the effects. It is not known what might have happened to Kaleb nor what cured him.

The Kindred of Atlanta came together in March for a debacle the likes of which have not been seen since the Fethra disaster of 1999. Attempting to stage an operation against the EcoRage group that was alleged to be operating out of a Clairol Corporation warehouse, a number of Atlanta's vampires made a strike against the location that was as precise and surgical as a sledgehammer for a labotomy. Members of the city (obvious West Point graduates) decided to through caution and stealth to the four winds and drove a school bus into the side of the factory building. This had the beneficial effect of alerting all of the guards, including a powerful Gangrel who had mastery of the Protean discipline. Who this Kindred was and why he is working against the good of the rest of the city remains unknown. Needless to say the mission was an abyssal failure, and the EcoRage menace will doubtless multiply.

A strange crystal star was the bane of many Kindred in March, as the item seemed to carry some sort of curse with it. Any Kindred that came into possession of the star for more than a few minutes quickly found that all sorts of antagonism would turn their way. Possibly connected to the shadow menace beneath the streets, Cesare Giovanni was the last unfortunate to lay hands on the crystal star, but it he was attacked by shadowy tentacles which stole the star away from him.


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