Chronicle Timeline Section
May 2001

Dr Kyle Rickman started the evening early by hosting Atlanta's Kindred with a pre-gathering party at a small Haven in Grant Park. Prince Fontage extended Elysium to the event.

As the formal gatehring commenced, Salvatore Giovanni, the powerful Capo di Capo of North and South American operations of Clan Giovanni, made yet another permanent impression on the city of Atlanta. This time in the shattered and twisted corpse of the most recent owner of the Manor, a ghoul by the name of Villacus. Apparently unaware that Salvatore Giovanni was paying substantial bribes to various city magistrates to ensure that the club building and grounds always passed any inspections, Villacus attempted to bar the elder Giovanni from the club until he could solicit further funds from the notoriously impatient and willful Kindred. Although Prince Fontage was present and attempted to intercede, Salvatore used his considerable physical prowess to crush Villacus, thus ending any dispute on the matter. The Giovanni auction, typically held in the back room of the club, was instead moved to the Vortex building board room.

The auction itself contained many strange and unusual items, including a vial of crimson fluid called The Blood of the Phoenix and a bracelet with a strange green gem known as Oathbreaker. Rumors quickly flew about the city regarding the specific properties of these, and other, mystical items that sold at the auction. What is known is that Bron Giovanni participated as a buyer in this auction and claimed The Hand of the Anarch for a substantial sum. It is said that Prince Fontage won Oathbreaker for a high price.

Bron Giovanni was seen in the company of two new faces, Sarah Silkspinner and her ghoul Simon. The enigmatic Giovanni was as evasive as ever about the specific relationship between himself and Sarah, but they were seldom separated during the evening. Bron Giovanni was also seen introducing a new Nosferatu to Prince Fontage this month. What their relationship may be is also a mystery, as is the reason why Bron would be making introductions of any Camarilla Kindred.

The mad clan are rumored to have been busy with the reeducation of some Toreador in May, as there are reports that a number of Malkavians, including Jonathan Crow, laid a beatdown on two Toreador Neonates. Kaleb, Seneschal of Atlanta and Toreador Elder, was single-handedly beaten into Torpor by Big Mike of Clan Malkavian in an attempt to rescue the younger Toreador. Rumors abound that the Seneschal was then abducted. Prince Fontage has publically proclaimed that it was Simon St Croix of the Tremere that committed the abduction, although St Croix has publically denied any such deed and has, in fact, cast innuendos that Kaleb is not actually Toreador and may actually be a member of a non-Camarilla bloodline. If it were true, it would not be the first time that the Ventrue Prince had appointed an office of her Administration to someone not of the seven clans. Kaleb's current whereabouts and condition remain unknown to the public record. Seneschal is a perilous position to hold in the Administration.


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