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July 2003

The new Prince, David Kendrick opened the Gathering this month. The politics of the city seem to have finally settled down. Still, the fact that a Caitiff is now our Prince is probably sending shock waves through the Camarilla society. If any of them didn.t already have a reason to consider Atlanta the pothole of the Camarilla, I'm sure they do now. Fortunately, the viewpoint of Atlanta hasn't changed much in the last almost ten years. Kiss our Asses!

The Prince announced that all previous punishments, bloodhunts, etc. are now null and void in the spirit of uniting the city. He also presented his new council. The Seneschal is Taylor LaGrange, the Marshall is Andre de Lyons, the Sheriff is Billy Bennett, Doc Valentine is the Keeper of the Elysium, Heimish McCullough is the Scourge, Torrence Wicke is the Educator, and Merrick Worthington will be serving as Chancellor.

The administration is not the only thing finally getting its act together. It seems that the Harpies have completely solidified. Even to the point that they published their own fliers. The mini-newspaper highlighted some of the principles, ideas, responsibilities, socialites, and social misfits. All according to the Harpies point of view of course.

Good thing the city was stable this month as the Giovanni auction had come to town for July. Salvatore Giovanni brought his family's wares and collections along for the theme of water this month. This meant special bloods, potions, generations, inks, etc. Although the auction was only supposed to last about two hours or so, it lasted up until about one in the morning. Hopefully we managed to get all of the most useful items from Salvatore before he moves on to the Sabbat auction.

There was also a round of Maxwell's Grand Scavenger Hunt this month. Organized by, Maxwell, the Prince of Chattanooga. The Seneschal of Chattanooga, Benvolio, drew up the list for the hunt, brought it down to Atlanta, and had his Ghoul Marco distribute it. One particular item caused quite a bit of commotion this month. One thing that Benvolio wanted was the reading of the inscription found above the door to the library at the Interfaith Church. Why our dear Scourge thought it would be a good idea to crash a semi with trailer in tow through the front doors, we may never know. However, new magic protecting the Church from the entrance of vampires stopped Heimish cold. The truck however, careened forward at 60 miles per hour. Poor Detective Lee had his hands completely full that night, and many will be using all their contacts from now until August to silence the questions about a man-shaped hole through the back of the trailer. But, all was not lost, after one simple question, the group gained the knowledge that they sought.

The Sabbat are also not wavering in their small raids on Elysium in the very late hours of the Gathering. Perhaps this is the calm before the storm. Perhaps the Sabbat have not forgotten the ten year anniversary of when they lost Atlanta to the Camarilla. Perhaps we should all be extremely wary during the month of August. Perhaps a huge raid is being planned even as we speak. Hmm, perhaps the Sabbat are busy killing each other in pathetic bids for power that the Camarilla reserves for Praxis Seizures. I like that idea the best, it means they.ll be doing all the work for us.

Irish of the Brujah returned to the city after going missing last month prior to the Primogen meeting.


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