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June 2003

My my folks, lots happened this gather. For starters Prince Pendragon was late, word on the street was that his limo broke down or got a flat tire or something... You'd think as Prince he could afford a better limo, right? No one seemed to know where the hell he was, though with the cellphones still out what could've been done anyway. Speaking of which, why are the cellphones still out? Didn't the Prince call for volunteers to go investigate the matter in the Middle East? Guess no one volunteered... Or the ones that did go didn't manage to make it back...

Prince Pendragon finally showed up and began taking introductions. Though it was quickly apparent that seemingly everyone and their brother wanted to speak with the Prince in private. The Gangrel seemed to get their panties all bunched up when the Prince told Thorn that the Gangrel had no representation in city politics until he stepped down as Primogen. A bold statement, and it would be tested later in the night. The Gravinos, who were there early in the night, disappeared very suddenly and without very many words as to where they were going or why, leaving our Prince's safety in the capable hands, as I'm told, of Unowolf and Broken Fang. I wasn't able to spot Melissa May, the Prince's other bodyguard, though perhaps she was just demonstrating some of that stealth that she seems so proud of. Speaking of the Prince's supporters, did anyone see Francisco deMoya this month? Yeah, me neither...

Word began to circulate that the Primogen were very unhappy with the Prince, and were considering overthrowing him in order to distribute the powers of the Prince amongst themselves. What are we now people, the Tremere? Call me crazy, but I always understood the Camarilla's stance as there should be one person wielding the power, usually they claim the title of Prince. Then again, no one asked me to sit in on the Primogen meeting...

Word got out of the intentions of the Primogen shortly before their meeting, and after much sitting around and doing nothing, a vote was called. My sources tell me that the vote was six to one, with one abstainment. Interestingly enough, the abstainment came from the Ventrue, the Prince's own clan... Even stranger, two votes against the Prince came from those, at least in my opinion, that should have been firm supporters of him. Broken Fang, which I think everyone realizes exists solely because of Prince Pendragon's decree, and the Toreador, with Angelo Gravino as Primogen. Something smells a bit fishy to me ... but then again there were quite a few Sabbat lurking around during the evening.

Speaking of which, did everyone hear that the Camarilla Educator wasn't really Camarilla or an educator? Yep, turns out he was Sabbat, and if my sources are right he may have been Jobu. Luckily though the real Camarilla Educator was found and freed.

Oh yeah, turns out that when the Gravinos left town in a hurry they were on their way to Macon. Lucius, the guy who proclaimed himself Prince down there awhile back, had kidnapped Alece somehow. How he got his hands on an astral is beyond me ... but if anyone knows drop me a line.

Back to the Prince and the Primogen though. The Primogen voted David Kendrick, caitiff to the best of my knowledge, into the position of Prince. Prince Kendrick's first announcement was that anything that happened in the past was over and done with. He also told everyone that wished to speak with him to form a line, well at least he's able to implement a little order, right? Does anyone know what happened to the former Prince? Word is that he's still alive, or un-dead, whichever your preference is, but he wasn't very visible the remainder of the evening. Seems a new trend has started with Taylor, deposing a Prince without killing them. Proof perhaps that we can coexist amongst each other? Now that, my friends, brings warmth to my cold, dead heart. Oh, no wait ... that's just my Domino of Life kicking in, sorry.

Anyway, that's pretty much it to the best of my knowledge kiddies. Long live the new Prince! And here's to hoping he does something about this cellphone issue, I've been without my psychic friends for over a month now!

Another viewpoint:

A small group of at least five Sabbat launched another assault on the back steps this month. They got about as far as they did last month, with four of them being dragged inside leaving only an apparent Malkavian Sabbat to escape and use Catatonia on random Camarilla for the rest of the night. After a quick questioning, it was discovered that most if not all of them had just been embraced that night. The point? I don't know. I guess they just wanted to remind us that they can always make Neonates and throw them in a meat grinder.

The one tense moment was when a wooden stake inexplicably fell out of one of their chests. Billy Bennet became very excited and called for someone with a rib spreader. Kurt Meyer just happened to be back in the city this month and happily answered the call, really enjoying his work I might add. Fortunately, no Tzimisce creature was waiting inside. After all was said and done, two of the bodies were nailed up on the wall by a very irritable young Gangrel. Are there actually any Gangrel in the city without severe anger or self-sacrifice issues?

Let's see, Alexander Pendragon is no longer Prince, who didn't see that one coming. David Kendrick is the new Prince, who did see that one coming? And the Sabbat are still mildly irritating, what is Kristoff planning that we're gonna' wish we'd seen coming?


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