Chronicle Timeline Section

May 2003

This month's Gathering began with Prince Taylor LaGrange introducing Merrick Worthington as permanent Chancellor and declaring punishment of torpor, blood bond, and fines for both Melissa May and Vinnie Gravino for their attack last month on the Gangrel Primogen Thorn... What clan is Prince LaGrange from again??

Alexander Pendragon, for reasons still unknown, declared a Praxis Seizure about an hour before the Primogen meeting was to take place. Backed by Franchesca DeLaMoya, a Tremere Elder, and the Gravinos, Alexander caused quite a stir and preparations for war were made with Neonates scattering while the Ancillae and Elders readied their arms. It was only after a few hours of this rabid confusion and fear that it was discovered that Taylor LaGrange didnít even want the position of power and gladly yielded it to Pendragon on the condition that he ensure that Melissa May and Vinnie still be punished for their actions. The first bloodless Praxis Seizure inÖ Maybe the first, period.

Did anyone hear the rumor that Kaleb was back in town??

Just as the matters of Princedom were working themselves out, Every cell phone, pager, and communications headset in the city was rendered useless. AM radio was still functioning, but it seemed to be a worldwide effect, not just local. Nonetheless, veterans of Atlanta made a buzz about Sabbat attacks being preceded by a communications blackout. Once again, several Neonates headed for the hills.

The Sabbat need to change their strategy soon, with the whole city clued in as to why the cell phones died, the Sabbat didnít even make it up the steps of the Elysium before they were thwarted and thrashed. Nice try boys.

Also at the May gather many members from the Broken fang fight club broke away from the Brujah and received permission from the new prince to form a new clan.And history is made, clan BrokenFang is born with Uno Wolf as elder and Kumo as primogen rep.

In the end, between the Praxis and the Sabat, their was no time for anyone to find out anything that was actually going on in the city. Letís hope nothing we missed this month will bite us in the ass next month, after all, weíre supposed to be the biters here.


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