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September 2003

After the grand events of the last gather, this month seemed rather dull to begin but picked up steam as the evening lengthened. Surprisingly the Administration was looking much smaller this month as neither the Sheriff or Keeper were around, or if they were they were not visible, and the Chancellor position has yet to be filled following the murder of former Chancellor Merrick Worthington.

The masses were dispersed to their clan meetings, or lack thereof, after very brief opening announcements by Prince Kendrick. Shortly after that things began to get interesting... People seemingly infected by, for lack of a better guess, shadow began to appear. Apparently one of the gentlemen was looking to speak with Rechtschaffen of Clan Nosferatu. Strangely enough, the other man infected with the shadow seemed to be suffering from a very fractured mind. He babbled on and on about shadows rising and needing to be stopped, glowing bones and teeth, and other such strangeness. Evidently the Prince thought there was some merit in his words though, as he was seen questioning him for quite some time. Stranger still, when the two shadow infected gentlemen saw each other they began to fight. Sibling rivalry perhaps? Who knows...but I dare say we should do everything we can to get to the bottom of this situation.

Also seems that his lordship, Sam, contracted the same or a similar infection after a trip to the sewers. That, or he just forgot to bathe after the trip, take your pick.

In other notes of interest the Sabbat came a calling again this month. This time there were four (presumed) Malkavians, throwing around Catatonias like candy in the Fourth of July parade. But that's not all! Oh no boys and girls, these Sabbat didn't come alone. They brought Atlanta a wonderful present from that wacky, completely homicidally insane guy, Kristoff the Toymaker! And what a gift it was, a pile of...well...flesh. What's that you say, how scary can a pile of flesh really be? Let me tell you, it can be SCARY! From what I hear this creature ATE our Scourge Heimish. Just up and swallowed him whole... Seems the Sabbat weren't playing with their little post it notes about the Scourge last month. Luckily for our Scourge, the beast did not have time to digest him as a rescue party led by Prince Kendrick arrived and cut the beast off from making a getaway. My sources tell me that the Prince, along with Bill Jones of Clan Ventrue and newcomer to the city Cyrus of Clan Tremere, were finally able to defeat the creature after a long and exhausting battle. Hats off to you gentlemen, and I'm sure that Heimish is happy you showed up when you did.

After the exhilarating fight, the Prince had the spirit of the creature summoned back from the lands of the dead by our new Giovanni representative. Didn't happen to catch the fellow's name, but welcome to Atlanta! You know what I say, every city needs a good necromancer, some more than one... Anyway, after playing around with the spirit for a bit, it was determined that the creature was indeed created by Kristoff (duh...who else would it have been?) and set loose on a rampage with Atlanta as it's destination. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately as it might have done much more damage, the creature was too stupid to be able to recall much of anything helpful from it's memories or provide any valuable information to the Prince.

After that the citizens of Atlanta, perhaps fearing even more weird shit to come, began departing the city rather quickly. One can only wonder what next month will bring... Will Kristoff send more toys to us? Will we ever find out who killed Merrick Worthington? Will more Sabbat cannon fodder be sent our way? Will the Braves go all the way this year? Only one way to find out the answers to these and other questions folks... Stay tuned next month for another installment of

"Real Kindred: Atlanta".
-RITE-(Reporters Interested in the Eccentric)


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