Chronicle Timeline Section
October 2008

Yay! The October Ball! More fun and games and Festivities! Mort and his team wins (again) Of course few people can Beat Mort in the Ad Hominum Debates. The March Hare won the costume contest (After bribing the judges) and we had a Nosferatu Geisha girl come in second (that's some impressive... make up you have there young lady!).

Oh OH! the Brujah club whatever it's being called these days, it got burned down by ... errr the Headless horsemen (huh?). And deep down, I don't think anyone noticed. Because we had a costume contest! and lots of fun and prizes for the brave kindred of Atlanta.

And how could I forget! There's a Pirate ship in the sewers, along with a big ole Kraken and some Albino Alligator. What is up with the 5th level of the sewers? (Hey, the 5th level, isn't that where His Divine Shadow was hanging out years ago?)

(IF someone wants to write a more detailed description of the month, feel free to email the Storytellers)


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