Chronicle Timeline Section
August 1993

Most elders were established at this time. Noted among them were:

  • Ventrue - Ashton Kincaid played by Joshua Hancock
  • Tremere - Mortigan played by Geoffrey Fortier
  • Toreador - Count Victor von Baern played by Paul Mercer
  • Brujah - Lydia played by Lyndee McKeeman
  • Nosferatu - Sardonigus played by Frank Branham

The declaration of our first Prince, Ashton Kincaid of the Ventrue, occurs. This event was soon followed by tragedy as an attempt on the Prince's life was made by a rocket launcher wielding assassin. However, at the last minute Mortigan of the Tremere intercepts the blast and is apparently destroyed in a shower of putrescent blood.

A Blood Hunt is declared on the assassin, the lieutenant of the Brujah and the Tremere are quick to launch a concerted effort to capture the Kindred who apparently slew their Elder. In time, the assassin was captured and given over to the surviving Tremere as recompense. Popular rumor has it that they Diablerized him in a particularly vile manner. These rumor are never confirmed or denied by the Tremere.

Although an investigation reveals that the Brujah lieutenant was a deep Sabbat agent hard, feeling and between the Brujah and other clans, particularly the Venture and Tremere, blossom.


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